'Dallas' Season 2 Preview: 6 Teases for the Dramatic New Season
'Dallas' Season 2 Preview: 6 Teases for the Dramatic New Season
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
There's always drama on Southfork, and the second season of TNT's Dallas reboot is ready to raise the stakes. Last season included plenty of murder, betrayal, hidden identities, and familial backstabbing.

So what's in store for the Ewing clan when Dallas returns to the airwaves for an expanded 15-episode second season? And how will the show deal with the death of charismatic star Larry Hagman and his iconic villain J.R. Ewing?

Here are the six things you can look forward to as Dallas gallops back onto the small screen:

1. Who Killed J.R.?
In light of the death of 81-year-old Hagman from cancer, the writers needed to figure out a way to send off a television icon. Hagman had filmed five episodes before his death, and an additional scene will be used to insert him into episode six. But by episode seven the Ewing clan will begin to question his absence.

It won't be until the season's eighth episode that we find out the ultimate fate of J.R., when the show sends him off in style with a funeral and memorial service. In attendance will be some familiar faces to fans of the 1980s original including Ray Krebbs (Steve Kanaly) and Lucy Ewing (Charlene Tilton).

The mystery of "Who Killed J.R.?" will echo the first run's original "Who Shot J.R.?" mystery, which sparked a nationwide debate prompting 80 million viewers to tune in for the answer in 1980. The mystery will continue until the season's end when the the culprit responsible for J.R.'s demise will finally be unearthed.

2. Rebecca Gets Real
One of the most shocking moments in the show's first season was the reveal that Christopher's former bride Rebecca was actually none other than Cliff Barnes' daughter. Expect Rebecca to start showing off her true nature in the show's second season.

As actress Gonzalo said in a recent conference call, Rebecca is "now her true self". Expect the custody battle over the as-yet-unborn twins to get real ugly, real fast.

3. A Ghost Resurfaces from Ann's Past

We haven't seen the last of slimy ex-husband Ryland or the drama he brings with him for Ann Ewing. Except to learn a big secret about Ann's past in the first two episodes that sends Ann for a tailspin and sends Bobby on the trail of an old mystery.

4. The Show Still Thinks We Care About Alternative Energy
We don't, but Dallas is still committed to advancing Christopher's alternative energy plans for Ewing Energies. Even speeding around the tracks in a race car, Christopher's energy plotline is far from getting into high gear.

5. Sue Ellen's Gubernatorial Destiny Will be Revealed
When we last left Dallas Sue Ellen was focused on her race to become governor of Texas. Will her past misdeeds catch up with her or will she finally achieve the power she's always wanted? And will a former demon once more rear it's ugly head?

6. Look Out for a Surprising Pairing
The show's two-part season premiere includes a hookup both surprising and completely inevitable. How will the joining of these two forces affect the Ewing family? You'll just have to watch and find out!

What are you most excited to see when Dallas returns tonight? Share in the comments!

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