'Dallas' Preview: 7 Teases for J.R. Ewing's Explosive Funeral
'Dallas' Preview: 7 Teases for J.R. Ewing's Explosive Funeral
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Saying goodbye to the wily J.R. Ewing brings together old friends and foes for an emotional episode of TNT's Dallas reboot. 

After the passing of show star and small screen legend Larry Hagman, the creative team behind Dallas had to scramble to put together a storyline to wrap up Hagman's villainous J.R. Ewing.

Having seen next Monday's episode, aptly titled "JR's Masterpiece", I can say with confidence that the hard work put in behind-the-scenes paid off. 

It's a moving episode paying tribute to a legendary character and actor. But it's still recognizably Dallas, which means there's plenty of drama, bed-hopping, and even a few punches thrown. 

After all, there's no such thing as a low-key Ewing event, even if that event is a funeral. As a lead-up to the funeral of our favorite love-to-hate character, TNT has made all seven season two episodes available on their website. So if you're behind on your Ewing drama, now is the time to catch up.

What's in store for J.R.'s swan song? Here are just a few teasers of what you can expect for J.R.'s goodbye.

A Special Theme for a Special Goodbye

One of the things TNT's reboot resurrected from the original Dallas was it's signature theme song. This time that song slows down in a special version meant to commentator J.R. Before the episode begins, you'll see Hagman's devilish face in the credits one last time. 

A Surprise Pairing

If Dallas is known for one thing, it's the amount of romantic drama always unfolding at Southfork. Why should a funeral be any different? Expect to see one pairing pop up completely out of left field. 

Not all is romance, however, as at least one couple finds J.R.'s death unveiling the cracks in their formerly solid foundation. Even in death, J.R. is always causing trouble.

Get Ready to See Familiar Faces 

Many fans watching the Dallas reboot do so hoping to see some familiar faces, and they'll certainly be happy to meet up with old friends again. J.R.'s funeral is attended by a bevy of high profile guest stars from the 80's original and from the city that spawned Dallas

Among the guests are Ewing half-brother Ray Krebbs (Steve Kanaly), niece Lucy (Charlene Tilton), and for some reason Mark Cuban is there. Plus J.R.'s former loves bond when Sue Ellen chats with ex-wife Cally (Cathy Podewell) and former lover Mandy Winger (Deborah Shelton). 

Cliff Barnes Crashes the Funeral

What's a Ewing event without a few gatecrashers? It's not like J.R.'s old enemy Cliff Barnes could pass up the opportunity to savor victory over outliving his long-time foe. 

Sue Ellen Battles for Sobriety

Sue Ellen has been sober since we checked back into Southfork, but it hasn't always been an easy road. After losing her campaign for governor, she almost took a drink. And J.R.'s death will test her resolve to stay off the sauce more than anything we've seen so far. Will she give in? 

Have Your Tissues Ready

Unless you are a monster, you WILL cry during this episode of Dallas. Even having never watched the original version, I found myself tearing up multiple times throughout the episode. The graveside scene is...just bring tissues. Lots of tissues. 

There are strong performances throughout the hour, but old timers Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy really steal the show. Josh Henderson is no slouch either, and will break your heart with his pain over the loss of his duplicitous daddy.  

Who Shot J.R.?

Please, like they would give it away this early? We'll start asking questions about J.R.'s demise this episode but likely won't have any answers until the end of the season. And it's shaping up to be quite a mystery!

Saying goodbye to Larry Hagman and his iconic J.R. Ewing is hard to do, but this excellent episode makes it just a little bit easier. 

Will you be watching J.R.'s goodbye? Who do you think shot J.R.? Sound off in the comments!

Dallas airs Monday nights at 9pm on TNT.

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