Daisy of Love: Episode 2 Recap
Daisy of Love: Episode 2 Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Now that Daisy of Love has started, it's time to get into the sexually suggestive challenges, dates with Daisy and guys using strategy to target each other.  In this episode, the guys are asked to perform a show and tell for Miss Daisy.  Naturally, it includes rapping, blow-up dolls, and dudes whipping out their junk.

The most talked about Show and Tell dude is Flipper, who decided to write a rap song dissing all the other guys in the house.  He's trying to create controversy where there is none, and he clearly understands the rules of how to get more face time on a reality TV show.

However, the three winners of the Show and Tell are 6 Gauge for using his bartending skills to make Daisy a drink, Chi Chi for telling a sad story about his father's death, and Weasel for being crazy.  The losers are Flex for bringing in a blow-up doll, London for only coming up with two lines of a song (one of which he stole from Daisy's MySpace page) and Fox who gives Daisy an inappropriate gift.  His present is blurred out the entire time and everyone is careful not to explicitly talk about it, but we can all infer that he gave her a certain device women might use when they're all alone.

The three winners get a private date, but so does the loser who does best in an additional challenge.  The three losers are forced to give lap dances to a trio of women.  If that sounds like a reward, you didn't see the ladies: three grannies.  The adorable white-haired grandmothers enjoy having these young men strip down and grind all over the,.  It's highly disturbing, but London wins.

The real fireworks of the episode occur when Flipper tries to get even more screentime by provoking Cable Guy into a fight for no discernible reason.  Flipper starts to go a little insane, yelling and even smashing a beer bottle on his head, causing him to start bleeding everywhere.  When Cable Guy refuses to take the bait, Flipper pushes him and storms off, being sure to show everyone his butt and his penis.  I still have no idea what that proved, other than that my taste is terrible since I called him my early favorite last week.

Flipper flips out and storms into Daisy's room to tell her that he's done with this stupid show, going out in a blaze of glory.  He packs his things and leaves, so I guess Flipper is eliminated.  Unfortunately he leaves a pair of lime green shoes behind, so the rest of the guys take turns peeing into them.

That night Brooklyn gets drunk and calls up his girlfriend.  No, seriously, based on the way he's talking, it sounds like he came into this house without officially breaking up with his girl, and she's angry that he's there.  This drunk dialing incident was very bad, because the girlfriend has caller ID, so she calls back all night long once an hour to tell whoever answers that Brooklyn has a girlfriend.

On the date, the four guys and Daisy go surfing.  Later Weasel reveals that he has no real goals or job and all he wants to do is ride his boat and drink whiskey.  Chi Chi gets some alone time with Daisy, and he's very emotional and sensitive.  With that attitude, you might last a while, but he's coming dangerously close to the friendship zone.

Daisy learns about Brooklyn's girlfriend, so she talks to him and he explains it away.  Luckily for him, his situation seems to be identical to that of Daisy and her ex-boyfriend Charles, so she understands.  Daisy also talks to Professor and doesn't even try to hide how bored she is while he talks about the importance of being a teacher.

Daisy of Love Elimination Time! Weasel is sent home for being a boozehound and Professor is eliminated because she knows she isn't the kind of girl he's looking for.  If by that she means "smart," then I agree.

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-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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