12 Pack Left 'Daisy of Love' Heartbroken
Dave-slash-12-Pack is used to being on reality shows, but it's always a different experience every time.  On his interview with VH1, he said that his eliminations on I Love New York and I Love Money were nothing compared to what he felt on Daisy of Love.  There were certainly several bumps on the road to Daisy de la Hoya's heart, but they only led to a huge crash in the end.

"I really liked Daisy a lot," he admitted.  "I felt like it was a good shot to go out and compete for a girl that I actually was into."

The last episode of Daisy of Love had the three guys fly to Maui, but Dave was the first one out.  "I would have liked to go the full distance to the finale, rather than just being left in the middle of the parking lot after being in Hawaii for a matter of hours.  I didn't even get to spend 24 hours there.  We basically had one dinner date to plead out cases as to why we should stay.  I really just got screwed."

Regarding his feelings for Daisy at the time the show was filmed, he knew that he really was falling for her.  He just didn't want to let her know that soon. "It was too soon, almost.  But, I mean, think about it - if you're in a relationship and you've been dating someone for a month, you're almost at the point where you can say, "Hey, I love you," and she can say, "Hey, I feel the same way."  But, I held it in.  I didn't want to say it."

Still, Dave maintains that he's friends with Daisy even though she broke his heart.  Whether or not things are chilly between them, he said: "It's cool because me and her are cool now, and whenever she's in town she'll give me a call, or if I hear something in the news about her I'll make sure she's still doing OK.  So we're cool."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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