The CW Moves 'Cult' to Fridays
The CW Moves 'Cult' to Fridays
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
After two very week showings on Tuesday nights, the CW is moving its new drama Cult to Fridays. The show's third episode will air Friday, March 8 at 9pm. Repeats of other CW dramas will fill the now-vacant time slot Tuesdays at 9pm.

The news isn't that surprising as Cult started off with pretty bad numbers. The premiere was watched by just 860,000 viewers and the second episode was down slightly to 820,000. Those numbers make it the network's second-worst program, only ahead of 90210.

The change for Cult might actually be a good thing. It never made sense that a meta thriller about serial killers would be paired with the whimsical romantic dramedy Hart of Dixie on Tuesday nights. Nikita makes a much better lead-in. As for the bad news, Cult will starts its Friday night run on the same night that NBC's surprisingly strong Grimm returns to the schedule. It's also the same night the new CBS cop show Golden Boy premieres in its regular time slot, Fridays at 9pm.

Regardless of how it does, the move all but guarantees that Cult won't be around for a second season. This is another blow to the CW, which is struggling with many of its shows.

The CW only has 10 time slots to fill for the fall season and it has already renewed Arrow, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Since it's unlikely the network will want to fill half its schedule with new shows, that means at least three more current dramas will most likely be renewed.

Cult is out and 90210's ratings are so abysmal that it would be shocking if the CW renewed it again. 90210 is pulling in less than 600,000 viewers for a new episode, which is less than half what almost every other show on the network does.

That only leaves four shows. Beauty and the Beast feels like a sure-thing at this point. It's ratings aren't massive, but it has a lot of fan support, as evidenced by its victory for Favorite New Drama at the People's Choice Awards.

Nikita is doing OK on Friday nights, especially after the network moved it to 8pm, so it might survive again. That only leaves The Carrie Diaries and Hart of Dixie, neither of which are setting the world on fire. Hart of Dixie might get the edge simply because it's been around longer and has some fans. It also gets better ratings.

Either way, the point seems to be that, with the failure of Emily Owens, M.D. and Cult, the CW is going to be in desperate need of new hits next season. The network typically has two or three new shows for its fall schedule, but next year it might go up to four.

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