Post-Strike 'CSI' Back Tonight with "Grissom's Divine Comedy"
Post-Strike 'CSI' Back Tonight with "Grissom's Divine Comedy"
The mother of all CSI shows makes its post-strike comeback tonight with an episode called “Grissom's Divine Comedy.”  CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the phenomenal show that spurred similarly successful spin-offs, CSI: Miami and CSI: NY, returns on the heels of reports that series lead, William Petersen, will be staying on for at least one more season.

Tonight's post-strike resumption of original material could not have come at a better time, since many of CSI's faithful fans have often expressed their desire for the popular actor to remain with the franchise.

In tonight's offering, Big Love's Bonnie Bedelia guest-stars as Deputy District Attorney Madeline Klein, who calls in Grissom (Petersen) and his Las Vegas forensic team to investigate the deaths of several key witnesses in a grand jury case against a lethal Las Vegas mob.

The episode begins with the CSI team having a bout with the flu, when DDA Klein hands them the crucial task of looking into the slain grand jury witnesses.  At the center of the investigation are the singed remains of Dan Cook, who operated a vending machine business with his wife.

In the course of their inquiry into Cook's demise, the CSIs discover three letters painted on the rear bumper of his car.  This finding proves relevant since Cook was about to testify in connection with a murder allegedly perpetrated by Jose Alvarado, a high profile member of the treacherous La Tijera gang.

In a surprise twist, a closer look at Cook's body during autopsy shows that he had already been shot prior to getting incinerated.  Subsequently, the crime scene sleuths uncover a gun while examining the victim's vehicle.  Further research reveals that the car actually belongs to Cook's father-in-law, who, in turn denies any involvement in Cook's death.

Tune in to “Grissom's Divine Comedy” on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation tonight at 9.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: CBS, CSI Files
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