CSI: Spoilers for the Season 8 Finale
CSI: Spoilers for the Season 8 Finale
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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The time has come for CSI fans to say goodbye to Warrick Brown.  As reported last month, Gary Dourdan, who plays the audio-video analyst, will not be returning in the ninth season of the forensic drama given that the 41-year-old actor and CBS could not come to terms on his contract.  This means that this week's installment not only marks the conclusion of season 8, but also marks the departure of Dourdan on the series he has been a part of since 2000.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

The 17th installment of season 8 called "For Gedda" focuses on Warrick as his future as a CSI remains in jeopardy.  When Lou Gedda (John Capodice), who first appeared in the episode "Cockroaches", is found dead, Warrick is accused of murdering the famous Vegas gangster and even he is uncertain of his guilt or innocence.

Meanwhile, things get even more intense as the rest of the forensic scientists investigate a case that kicks off at a funeral where mourners have come to pay their respects to the diseased husband of Carolina Bell (Donzaleigh Abernathy).

Six large men, who seem to be football players, serve as pallbearers that would carry the coffin toward the gravesite.  But as the pallbearers continue their solemn journey, something (or someone) drops out of the coffin and the crowd is shocked to see a body of a skinny Caucasian corpse wearing nothing but a pair of underwear.  This is clearly not Carolina's husband and before mourners can do more grasping, Carolina's husband's body falls out, landing on top of the unidentified dead man.

Carolina is distressed and the pallbearers want to put her husband into the coffin and be buried properly.  The CSIs remind them that they have to investigate and that the person who put the second corpse into the coffin will be held responsible.  However, they don't want someone held responsible.  Instead, they want someone dead for doing this.

Expect a riot to ensue on the season finale of CSI, airing this Thursday at 9pm ET/PT on CBS.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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