'CSI' Season 8 Premieres Tonight
'CSI' Season 8 Premieres Tonight
The seventh season finale of CBS' CSI left fans wondering about the fate of Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), as she was last seen trapped underneath an overturned red Ford Mustang in the middle of the desert.  The network and the actors have been very quiet about the particular storyline, but tonight, viewers will finally have their questions answered, as the hit crime series is set to premiere its latest season.

According to CBS, the season 8 opener, entitled “Dead Doll,” will feature the team scrambling to find out if Sara survived the attack by the miniature killer.  Although this short preview doesn't really add anything to what fans already know, executive producer Naren Shankar says they will not be left hanging this time around.

"Let's just say fans will be very satisfied with how it turns out," Shankar told TV Guide.  "No loose ends will be left dangling at the end of the first episode."

For those unfamiliar with CSI, the previous season ender revealed Natalie Davis (Jessica Collins), the foster daughter of Ernie Dell, to be the miniature killer.  Initially, Grissom (William Petersen) and the team believed Ernie to be the serial murderer.  As they were on their way to arrest him, Ernie, in an effort to end the pursuit and protect Natalie, killed himself.  Natalie, holding Grissom responsible for her father's death, went after Sara, the person Grissom cares about the most.

While viewers will have to wait a few more hours to see whether Sara lives or die, speculations leaning towards the latter have been fueled by several factors.  For one, TV Guide's Tim Holland pointed out in his CSI show blog that the episode title, “Dead Doll” serves as a hint, as it is in complete contrast to the seventh season finale title, “Living Doll.”

The addition of a new female character has also led many to think Sara will indeed bite the dust.  The new character, Ronnie, to be played by Jessica Lucas, will begin appearing on CSI by the third episode.

On the more technical side of things, Shankar said that for the first episode of season 8, set designers built a full-scale replica of the miniature crime scene Natalie left for Grissom.

"The actors were as impressed as anybody by what we built," Shankar told TV Guide.  "They came back from their time off and went, ‘Holy crap!'  Everybody was pretty knocked out by this."

The eighth season of CSI premieres tonight at 9pm on CBS.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: CBS, TV Guide
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