CSI: Episode 8.16 "Two and a Half Deaths" Recap
CSI: Episode 8.16 "Two and a Half Deaths" Recap
Tonight's episode of CSI was packed with guest stars.  Katy Sagal played a diva actress, named Annabelle, on a sitcom.  Her husband Bud (a clever nod to Married With Children) was portrayed by Diedrich Bader.  The actress turned up dead in her apartment, with a large amount of blood around her head.  The CSI team shows up to crack the case and everybody on set in a suspect.  Grissom figures out that she hit her head on a nearby table, indicating a struggle.  He's shocked to find a rubber chicken jammed down her throat. 

Stokes talks with one of the sitcom employees and shows him security footage from an elevator on the night that Annabelle was murdered.  He points out that Bud visited her that night as well as one of the writers from the show.  Natasha, Annabelle's assistant and stand in, is also seen in the elevator.  Brass heads right out to get some answers from Natasha, who says that working for Annabelle was a nightmare.

Extra's Dana Devon makes a cameo as herself, reporting on Annabelle's untimely death.  Annabelle's costar, Megan, is interviewed, saying what a tragedy it was.  Warrick points out to Grissom and Willows that a woman's high heel print can clearly be seen in the blood from Annabelle's room.  When Grissom gets a phone call that something has turned up on the television set, he heads right out to Los Angeles.  On the lot, he drives past the cast of Two and A Half Men, making a cameo as themselves.

When Grissom arrives at his destination, he finds Natasha, dead from a car accident.  Minutes later, Megan screams out as her dog lays dead in front of her.  Back in Vegas, Hodges shows Willow footage of Annabelle with Bud, that is actually Natasha.  Grissom and Brass search Bud's office and find alcohol, which he has been giving to Annabelle.  They also let him know that semen was found on Natasha before she died, trying to pin her murder on him.  Bud doesn't answer any questions but is led away by police until he's ready to talk.

Willows finds out that a writer visited Annabelle's room and had the same water bottle on him that she found at the scene of the crime.  That writer hasn't been seen since the show filmed in Vegas.  The bottle is dusted for prints and the CSI team come up with the name Ricard Langford, an actor and street performer.  As the teams hands out pictures on the street to find him, Richard is performing on the street as a robot and tries to get away.  Warrick and Stokes arrest him right on the spot.

Stokes interviews Richard, who said that he was going to become a regular on her sitcom but was canned when he wouldn't sleep with Annabelle.  He went to Vegas to get a second chance and decided to sleep with her after all.  She fell backwards, hit her head, and died, which was an accident, according to him.  He said that the rubber chicken wasn't as much of an accident, but much more intentional since she was already dead.

Annabelle tests positive for blood thinners and the team realizes that she had been poisoned for quite some time prior to her death.  The same drug is found in Natasha's blood.  Grissom and Brass figure out that the only other person besides Bud who knew about Annabelle hiding her alcohol in mouthwash bottles was Megan.  She denies it and with no proof, they do not arrest her.  While shaving, Bud cuts himself and bleeds profusely from the neck as the screen cuts to black.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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