Harold Perrineau Snags 'CSI: NY' Guest Role
Harold Perrineau Snags 'CSI: NY' Guest Role
Nope, I don't think he'll be screaming "Waaaaaalt!" this time.

Harold Perrineau has booked a guest role in an upcoming episode of CSI: NY, airing in April. Entertainment Weekly reports that Perrineau, best known as Lost's Michael Dawson, will play a death row inmate who finds himself fighting for his life when he finds himself in the middle of a prison riot.

But sources say the episode will focus on someone else: Hill Harper's character. He happens to be at the prison as the riot breaks out, and just moments before, Hawkes meets Perrineau's character. That encounter sees the convict drop a bombshell on Hawkes, and it'll force the CSI to confront a part of his past that he's skirted forever.

I'm all for it--Hawkes' been getting a lot of good screen time lately. Fans are already speculating that the two are brothers. What do you think?

(Image courtesy of ABC)