'CSI: NY' Season 8 Preview Guide: Honoring the Past and Moving On
'CSI: NY' Season 8 Preview Guide: Honoring the Past and Moving On
Last season on CSI: NY was one about transitions. Stella left the NYPD Crime Lab, to be replaced by Jo Danville, who proved to be quite a presence. Lindsay dealt with her killing of Shane Casey, while Danny decided it was time to take a step up the police ladder. Finally, Mac pondered his future with the NYPD, going as far as solving one last case in his file.

What to Expect in CSI: NY Season 8

We thought CSI: NY would never return -- and indeed, there were rumors that the seventh season finale would be its last -- but here we are: CSI: NY season 8, still going strong despite a move to Friday nights. And this season continues the theme of transition that we saw last season.

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CSI: NY also gets the opportunity to honor those who died in the 9/11 attacks, which marks its tenth anniversary this year. September 23's season premiere, "Indelible," sees Mac return to the events of that fateful day, especially as his wife was one of the terrorist attacks' casualties. Jaime Ray Newman, who we last saw on ABC's Eastwick, will play Mac's late wife, Claire Taylor. Executive producer Zack Reiter promises that the premiere will help Mac see some closure with a death he hasn't quite grappled with.

Other confirmed guests for CSI: NY season 8 include Smallville's Cassidy Freeman, as a bartender who is connected to a murder victim, and Hellcats' Aly Michalka, as a rock singer who is questioned by the team when her boyfriend is murdered.

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CSI: NY season 8 might also see some friction between Danny and Lindsay, especially now that he's been promoted to sergeant. There's the fact that he's now training new recruits instead of working in the lab with her -- and then there's the fact that he's got to deal with a rookie named Officer Chambers. Executive producer Pam Veasey promises there won't be anything romantic between the two, but surely her working relationship with Danny will affect his marriage with Lindsay, somehow.

CSI: NY returns (triumphantly, I must say) with its eighth season premiere on September 23 from 10pm on CBS.

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