Crowned: Episode 1.6 "BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP" Recap
Crowned: Episode 1.6 "BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN DEEP" Recap
Previously on Crowned, the Goal Driven Gals Brenda and Heather were de-sashed, and Team Beauty is Skin Deep took top honors in their video blog. There are only six mother-daughter teams left to vie for $100,000 and a pair of tiaras.

Tonight's episode of Crowned begins with Linnea telling the girls to get ready for a day outside. She instructs them to wear pants and closed-toed shoes, and the girls are taken by bus to a construction site. They will be working for Habitat for Humanity for the day, working on a construction site. Poor Mindy. This looks like a very physically demanding challenge, and she's still limping from her knee injury.

The foreman John splits the girls into three teams of four and assigns them to their task. They either have to build a cinder block wall, lay down some sod or paint a fence.

Jenileigh is the current Miss Wyoming, so community service is nothing new to her. And this Habitat for Humanity project is especially meaningful to her because she and her mother Moya don't really have a home right now.

Patty, Laura, Mindy and Rachelle are tasked to lay down sod. Patty is upset that Mindy is on their team because of her bad leg, but Mindy seems to be working hard, resolving not to let her knee get in the way of the task at hand. After a while, Laura and Patty decide that they can't lay down sod anymore so they ask to switch teams. Mindy and Rachelle are not impressed by them.

After their day of manual labor, the teams assemble in the living room where Foreman John announces which team he thought displayed the best work ethic. He chooses Mindy and Rachelle, prompting Patty and Laura to exchange pissy looks with each other. As the winners of the challenge, Mindy and Rachelle choose their beautifully wrapped packages which contain diamond and sapphire earrings.

Upstairs, Patty and Laura bitch to each other about how unfair it was that Mindy and Rachelle won, since Laura claims to have done all the work, heaving the bags of sod around. The next day, Patty and Laura have their chance to give Rachelle an earful. Patty and Rachelle get into a huge shouting match, which ends with each calling the other a bitch and a brat. Rachelle leaves the room and is now on the warpath.

Linnea assembles the teams in the rose courtyard. Each team is given a soapbox and a light-hearted platform issues. For their elimination challenge this week, they'll be going to a mall where they will stand on those soapboxes and give a one-minute presentation on their specific platforms.

Here are the topics each team has:

Tenia and Angela have "Is body art sexy?"
Hollis and Gina have "Do designer clothes or bargain shopping make an outfit?"
Ada and Christan have "Do nice people finish last?"
Patty and Laura have "Do blondes have more fun?"
Jenileigh and Moya have "Is beauty more than skin deep?"
Mindy and Rachelle have "Does plastic surgery make you perfect?"

Ada and Christan have a fear of public speaking. Tenia takes the reins on her presentation. Gina and Hollis decide to make theirs more serious. Rachelle seems to have taken bitchy daughter lessons from Laura because she is pretty harsh with her mother during their preparations.

The most interesting thing that happens in the mall is when Rachelle rhetorically asks whether surgically enhancing parts of your body is a good thing, and some random dude starts nodding, like, "Awww yeah!" Also notable is that the one-minute buzzer went off before Mindy and Rachelle could finish their speech, making Mindy sit in her closet and cry after the challenge. She is just all over the place, emotionally.

The teams all gather on the stage of the Madrid Theater for the sixth Crowned de-sashing ceremony. Shanna Moakler introduces herself and her co-judges, Carson Kressley and Cynthia Garrett.

First up are the Daredevil Divas, Jenileigh and Moya. They watch a tape of their presentation. The judges think that they did a good job in engaging the audience, even though the camera caught Carson rolling his eyes during the film.

The Gifted Dolls, Mindy and Rachelle, go next, but they get flak for their lack of persuasion and for not finishing within their allotted time of one-minute.

Up next, the Sincere Sexy Reds, Patty and Laura, walk onstage. Their presentation is actually quite good and cute and not as stilted as their normal schtick of speaking in rhyming couplets. The judges approve, but Carson suggests that they ditch the infommercial inflection that they opened with.

Angela and Tenia, Beauty is Skin Deep, are next, and they discuss whether body art is sexy or not. I really have no idea what they are saying because they keep rambling and contradicting themselves. Too bad they didn't get the topic "Is beauty more than skin deep?" but I can see now why they completely misinterpreted the meaning of that phrase. The judges are uniformly perplexed by their performance.

Gina and Hollis of the Dream Gals discuss the pros and cons of designer labels versus bargain shopping. They do a great job making it relatable and engaging the crowd, all while not sounding rehearsed at all. The judges rave over them.

The Blessed Beauties, Ada and Christan, are the final team to go. Christan has to pause in the middle of her speech to look at her notes. The judges are disappointed across the board.

The bejeweled scissors on the velvet pillow cue us to the beginning of the de-sashing portion of the evening. The Daredevil Divas, Sincere Sexy Reds and Gifted Dolls are all announced safe.

The judges ask the Blessed Beauties, Beauty is Skin Deep and the Dream Gals to step forward. The Dream Gals scored the highest by a long shot and are safe.

Now it's down to the bottom two. Beauty is Skin Deep must pick up the bejeweled scissors and de-sash........themselves. Just as they are about to, Tenia bolts and runs off stage, followed by Angela. They race into the dressing room backstage, explaining that no one is going to humiliate them by making them cut their own sashes. Wow, I knew something big was going to happen, but I never expected this. Onstage, the judges and the other teams are dumbfounded. Shanna remarks on their disgraceful actions, explaining that this is why they will not eventually be crowned.

Backstage, Angela repeats over and over, "They're not going to humiliate me like that. I will not be humiliated. We are forever beauty queens."

You know what? I usually get to talk to eliminated contestants the day after, but I won't be talking to Angela and Tenia because CW publicity can't get ahold of them. My guess is that they don't want some internet recapper like me to ask them how they can behave so horribly and still sleep at night.

Crowned just got a lot better. Check back next week because it looks like Gina makes out with a man and Patty throws up into her hat.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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