Spoiler Alert: 'Covert Affairs' Spoilers
Spoiler Alert: 'Covert Affairs' Spoilers
In the summer finale of Covert Affairs, Annie (Piper Perabo) had her coming-out party as a CIA agent and her sister kicked her to the curb. What will happen when the series returns this fall? Are you ready for some Covert Affairs spoilers?

Warning: this article contains Covert Affairs spoilers. Wary readers should turn back!

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A Blast from Arthur's Past

German actress Nina Kronjager will play Arthur's (Peter Gallagher) ex-girlfriend, Elsa, in an episode this fall. Apparently, Elsa was the "Ben of 20 years ago," disappearing on her lover during his early days in the CIA. Kronjager's Elsa will appear in an Arthur-centric episode that explores those early days of Arthur's career and was shot on location in Berlin. But why has Elsa returned after so many years and how will Arthur and wife Joan (Kari Matchett) react to her arrival?

The Auggie-centric episode that aired earlier this season seemed to be a hit among the fans, but will an episode all about Arthur be as successful? We will have to wait and see how this plays out.

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Single No More

Our next Covert Affairs spoiler hints that Arthur will not be the only character dealing with changes in his romantic life. Fan favorite Auggie (Christopher Gorham) will be getting a new girlfriend when the show returns this fall.

Former Chicago Code star Devin Kelley will play Parker, the younger sister of a man killed during the mission that left Auggie blind. The two reconnect when Auggie learns that Parker is thinking of joining the Peace Corps. Co-Executive Producer Chris Ord said the writers are excited to see how Auggie will handle a real relationship, and that this particular one will come with plenty of complications.

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Though the writers seemed pleased with the idea of giving Auggie a romance, how will his many fans react to the news? There are plenty of Covert Affairs fans who would love to see Auggie in a relationship with series lead and good friend Annie (Piper Perabo), though their relationship has always remained platonic. Will Auggie's new romance make Annie re-evaluate her feelings for her good buddy? What effect will the coupling have on Auggie and Annie's relationship? 

You Can't Go Home Again

The last tidbit of Covert Affairs spoilers concerns a plotline from the summer finale. Annie's sister Danielle (Anne Dudek) gave our heroine the boot after learning that she works for the CIA. New episodes will see Annie moving out of her sister's guest house and into a swanky new apartment of her own.

Though Annie is out in the cold after leaving her sister's home, her love life will be hotter than ever when Santiago Cabrera (last seen as Lancelot on the BBC's Merlin) checks in as a chef who catches Annie's eye. Oded Fehr will also return in one of the season's final episodes, presumably to resume his sometimes-partnership and flirtation with Annie.

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Now that we know Annie will continue with the move, how do you feel about the situation? Was Danielle right to kick Annie out of the house in order to keep her children safe, or do you think she is being too hard on Annie? Will time away from her family help Annie grow as an individual or will it merely serve to isolate her even further from the "real world"? And what do you think about this new love interest? I, for one, have always been a fan of the chemistry between Perabo and Fehr, but would you like to see the Annie/Eyal relationship develop into something more, or do you prefer them as colleagues?

That's a wrap for our Covert Affairs spoilers. Covert Affairs returns to USA on Tuesday, November 1, at 10/9c.

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