'Covert Affairs' Summer Finale Preview: Piper Perabo Teases Situation 'Too Big For Annie to Handle on Her Own'
'Covert Affairs' Summer Finale Preview: Piper Perabo Teases Situation 'Too Big For Annie to Handle on Her Own'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The investigation into the Chicago CIA Office bombing got much more complicated heading into the Covert Affairs summer finale, "Sensitive Euro Man." The evidence implicated Annie's sometimes partner, current boss and potential romantic partner, Ryan McQuaid. 

How does Annie continually get herself into these complicated relationships? Piper Perabo (Annie) spoke to reporters during a recent conference call about that important question, as well as, on Annie's journey this season and what's coming up in tonight's finale.

Whether it's Auggie, Simon or now McQuaid, Annie has a habit of getting personally involved with men involved in her work. Given her intense work schedule, it's not easy to meet "normal" guys.She did have a short relationship with a doctor, but of course her job got in the way.

"When you're a very career-oriented woman sometimes you don't have as much time to go meet all kinds of guys. You're a little bit limited to the guys that work in your office," Perbo said.

"She's lucky and not lucky in that there are incredible people that work in the CIA but also work in connection with the CIA like McQuaid, but they're all under such incredible pressure and strain and overworked that it's not really good for dating."

Annie's personal relationships with both Auggie and McQuaid have come into play recently with her trusting her gut and letting McQuaid go and lying to her closest confidant, Auggie. When it came down to it, she ultimately trusted her instinct, did she make the right decision on who to trust?

"Annie - one of her greatest traits or her greatest strengths is her instinct, maybe not always with personal relationships, but definitely in work. It's one of the things that keeps her safe because she's often operating without a net. And her sense of when she should trust someone and when she should run is often what saves her," Perabo said.

That doesn't necessarily mean that she trusts McQuaid, she continued, "[Annie] doesn't put the gun down but she doesn't shoot and she lets him leave ... if [she] really trusted him she'd put the gun down and help him with whatever he needed."

Annie's decision to let McQuaid go plays into the huge finale. Perabo commented that a section of Toronto was closed down for the production and they had to shoot the scenes on the weekend.

The gang is all back together at the DPD to handle the mission, "We need all those pieces to sort of launch forward into the finale, because the mission and what McQuaid's being folded into it's so big it's not just Annie that can handle it," Perabo teased.

"So that's one of the things that got me really excited about the mission for [Episode] 10 is that you need everybody. Even when we shot it we were all like, yes, the band's back together, like it was really fun for everybody to do these giant scenes together."

Don't expect the finale to be the end, but just the beginning, "What the finale sets in motion is too big for Annie to handle on her own and she needs all the different pieces of her sort of spy network to be able to go forward," Piper explained.

For more on the Covert Affairs summer finale, check out the teaser trailer below.

Covert Affairs airs Tuesdays at 10pm ET on USA.

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