'Pop! Pop!': Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Magnitude on 'Community'
'Pop! Pop!': Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Magnitude on 'Community'
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Over on The Wrap today, John Sellers has posted a fun and surprisingly insightful interview with Community showrunner Dan Harmon (follow him on Twitter already, seriously) and staff writer Adam Countee, who is credited with the original idea for "Magnitude," the one-man party machine who shows up to Jeff's apartment for Chang's party in the season 2 Valentine's Day episode. Since he first showed up, Magnitude has morphed from a throwaway joke into another staple in the cast of hilarious background personalities at Greendale, joining the illustrious ranks of characters like Leonard, Starburns and Vicki.

But back then, he wasn't named Magnitude (short for "Magnetic Attitude," which Harmon says they picked for its telling nickname-within-a-nickname premise) -- he was named Poochie. And his signature catchphrase, the universally applicable and delightful "Pop! POP!", was different at conception, too: It was "Yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo-yo!"

Is your brain blown yet?

Read the rest of the interview with Community's Harmon and Countee for more on how Magnitude morphed, what his backstory is (they even know what his father does for a living) and what they love about him. Sellers also spoke with Luke Youngblood, the actor who plays Magnitude, about his audition process and his reaction to how the character has taken on such a life on and off the show.

With a show like Community, which sometimes runs at about 80 jokes per minute, it's pretty impressive to read about how much time and thought went into staging such a small joke as "Pop! POP!" But the effort clearly paid off: We'll be seeing Magnitude again in tomorrow's season finale, part two of the paintball epic. And you can bet he'll be saying his catchphrase.

Watch all of Magnitude's scenes on Community thus far. (Oh, and he's also on Twitter. I follow him, and I can tell you personally that seeing his updates interspersed with the rest somehow never gets old.)

Magnitude's First Appearance:

Magnitude's Debate Responses:

Pop! POP!

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