'Community' Targets 'Glee' with Brilliant Christmas Parody
'Community' Targets 'Glee' with Brilliant Christmas Parody
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Glee fans, be warned: Community's Christmas episode is coming for your show. And not even Sue Sylvester has ever mounted an attack so hilarious and so devastating. The brilliant NBC comedy (Thursday at 8pm) is staging a very long parody of the FOX musical sensation, and it perfectly mocks everything wrong with Glee.

The episode, titled "Regional Holiday Music," features Greendale's glee club having a nervous meltdown, forcing their advisor, Cory Radison (aka Mr. Rad) to try and recruit the study group for the Christmas pageant. What follows is an amazing and blistering attack on many of Glee's most noticeable flaws, from its love of random mash-ups to its obsession with Regionals (whatever that is).

However, saying that Community's Christmas episode is just a parody of Glee would be a tragic understatement. It's also an incredibly clever story with some of the catchiest original songs and great performances by everyone, especially Alison Brie's sexy dance number and Troy and Abed's rap. There's little doubt that viewers will be singing along when they watch it for the third, fourth and fifth times.

Watch Troy and Abed's Christmas Rap>>

It's clear from the episode that Community (and creator Dan Harmon) isn't a huge fan of Glee, and the complaints that the show has are all valid. For instance, Glee is allegedly about inclusiveness, but in the season 3 premiere, Mr. Schuester refused to let Sugar Motta join New Directions because she wasn't talented enough. Apparently acceptance is only granted to people who can sing and dance.

Community is no stranger to starting wars with more successful comedies. In the past, the show has targeted its time slot rival The Big Bang Theory, primarily through that show's theme song by the Barenaked Ladies. Sure, Community may have terrible ratings and get no love from awards shows unlike Glee or The Big Bang Theory, but that only fuels the shows desire to be more outrageous and clever. Community is like Scrappy Doo, unafraid to do battle with anyone despite its small stature. Of course, unlike Scrappy, Community doesn't suck.

If you've ever thought Glee needs to be taken down a peg, that the show isn't absolutely perfect and has some serious flaws, Community's Christmas episode will be a very special present for you. And even if you don't get all of the Glee references (like the sudden appearance of a silent, bearded man at a piano), the songs are so much fun that Community will melt your heart anyway.

The Christmas Glee parody marks the last new episode of Community of the year, and given the fact that it doesn't yet have a place on NBC's mid-season schedule, there's no telling when it will be back. But at least the show is going out swinging.

Community airs Thursday at 8pm on NBC.

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