'Community' Preview: The 'Law & Order' Homage Episode
'Community' Preview: The 'Law & Order' Homage Episode
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
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Since Community's mid-season return last month, the new material has been smart, weird, risky and hilarious - everything we were hoping for. Now that the end of the season is nearing, there are still a few things we're awaiting with anticipation, and this week's Law & Order homage episode (entitled "Basic Lupine Urology") is certainly one of them.

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The premise is this: someone has destroyed the study group's biology yam experiment, so they assemble an investigation to save their grade in pure Law & Order fashion (but with a Community twist, of course). The episode features a few guest stars, including Michael K. Williams (from The Wire), returning as Professor Kane to serve as the judge for the group's "trial" after they find a suspect.

NUP_147963_0299.JPGFrom the image above, we also see the appearance of Michael Ironside (of Smallville) and David Neher, who plays Todd, a character we saw earlier this season who dared to penetrate the walls of our beloved study group (and failed, obviously).

Community_law_and_order_NBC.JPGTrobed takes the reins of the investigation under Shirley's direction, playing into the good cop/bad cop trope earnestly. Annie and Jeff are the litigators in the trial and the episode description says Jeff realizes "that the plot is thicker than anyone suspects." I think that's code for expected the unexpected, which is pretty much what we've come to expect with Community.

NUP_147963_0066.JPGAlso, Chang uses this "crime" as another excuse to exercise his campus security guard duties. On the subject of Chang, what's going on with him this season? He had that army of boys he rallied from the Bar Mitzvah, who participated in the blanket fort war between Troy and Abed, but other than the occasional appearance, his craziness has been relatively subdued this season. Bring back the Chang!

What are you all expecting from this week's episode? Do you think the homage will meet the high standard of Community cultural parodies thus far? Check out a brief preview of the episode below:

Lastly, looking back at our expectations for the latter half of season 3, we can't wait to see the Ocean's 11 heist-inspired episode (next week) and the guest star appearance of Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito. And with no paintball episode to end this season, what can we anticipate from the finale? Hopefully whatever it is, it's enough to bring this singular comedy back for another season.

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