'Survivor: One World' Best Tweets: 'Go Out with a Bang'
'Survivor: One World' Best Tweets: 'Go Out with a Bang'
Stupid plays after stupid plays. That is the men's theme for the season. The only one playing a relatively good game amongst them is Troyzan. However, telling everyone minutes before Tribal that you have an idol might not be the best play. 
After all these seasons, you would think that people would have the will power to turn down food for a shot at immunity. I'm talking about Jay. How do you give up that shot to win when you had just feasted at the reward challenge a day ago? Also, Leif, how do you not try to work out a deal with Chelsea there? He could have said, "I'll give up and give you a burger if you save me for the next two challenges." Anyways, these are the top 10 tweets about this week's episode: 

#10. @Basenarcissist: Leif has disappeared tonight. Maybe his is with Jeff Probst somewhere.

- Are he and Christina still playing this game? I smell a double boot episode coming up. 

#9. @Gjb512: Jeff Probst getting paid and doesn't even show up for this challenge.  

- Call me old fashioned but I like seeing two full challenges during an episode. Give me a Redemption Island challenge over these do it yourself challenges. Though, if I were on, yours truly would have killed it at the ladder toss game.

#8. @ Darinrmcclure: Jay is dumber than Kat...

- Dumbness all around for these two. There is a reason why he is a model and she does...whatever. 

#7. @Monicaculpepper: There in spirit!!! Tarzan in my shirt! Think I got him in fashion.

- Gotta love the cross-dressing, cooky old man. 

#6. @Madd_popcorn: The women were terrible and now they are becoming the dominant sex.
- Blame it on Colton and the other idiots. There was no reason for the women to ever gain an advantage during this season.  

#5. @Eorlins: I hope those chicken wings tasted good. Worth it?? I think not.

- Reminded me of Frosti giving up potential immunity in Survivor China.  If you are in the minority, you have to play to win in these challenges. 

#4. @Abinmmj: Worst season of Survivor. The men playing are fools and deserve to be blindsided.

- I almost agree in entirety. Though, I would still rank Fiji and Nicaragua below this. 

#3. @Renejherrera: I hate when people go on Survivor just to get far but not to win.

- Huge pet peeve of real Survivor fans throughout the world.  This season post merge alone we had, Christina, Leif, Tarzan, Jay, Michael, and Alicia who care just about having fun and lasting "awhile" out there. 

#2. @Olsensurvivor: It seems people stick with Day 1 alliances till the end regardless of threats. Don't you want to vote them out so you can win?! 

- As much as the powers that be who run this game tried, they couldn't shake up both early game alliances - proves that there isn't anyone playing an original game anymore. 

#1. @Olsensurvivor: Troyzan didn't join the "Voted Out with the Idol" group, but he did join "The Unnecessarily Wasted Idol" group. Which is worse?

- Hindsight is 20/20. It was probably a toss-up whom the women and Tarzan were going to throw their votes at. I say play it there and hope to win immunity next time.  

Wes Dorne
Fan Columnist

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