'Chuck' News: Spoilers, Casting and a New Image
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
You know, for spies, the people at Chuck aren't so great about keeping quiet. That's the only explanation for the number of news items coming from the show anyway.

But Chuck's lack of secrecy is our gain keep reading to see the entirety of a new show image and to get some spoiler-esque scoop on guest stars, cast activities and plot points.

The Buy More Is Burning... Again
NBC posted the image embedded below on their Chuck Facebook page. And it's definitely pretty interesting. We of course have the newlywed Bartowskis, holding hands (awwwww!). But there's far more to the scene than that.

  • Gun-shy Chuck seems to be holding his preferred tranquilizer pistol instead of the more lethal variety.
  • Both Chuck and Sarah have opted for a more corporate look than their earlier, shopping mall-employee garb.
  • And it doesn't look like the couple's tenure as Buy More owners is going well. Not if you consider the flames and smoke emanating from the background anyway.

Danny Pudi -- Not Abed -- Will Guest-Star
We already reported that Danny Pudi, one of the stars of Community, will feature as a guest star in episode 5 of the coming season of Chuck. He will not, however, come to Burbank as his Community character, Abed. Pudi's guest-starring role will be someone different altogether.

Pudi told TVLine that his character would somehow be associated with Lester Patel (played by Vik Sahay), one of the Buy More's many bizarre employees.

It also doesn't sound like it will be a particularly major part. While there is no word as to how Danny Pudi's guest character might affect plot, whatever he does will be brief. According to the actor, "It's very quick."

Hopefully not as quick as Bronson Pinchot's cameo at least.

Sharing the Awesome
Ryan McPartlin, who plays Chuck's brother-in-law Devon "Captain Awesome" Woodcomb, will be wandering over to another show this fall. TVLine reports that McPartlin will guest-star in the second episode of the new comedy, I Hate My Teenage Daughter.

McPartlin will play the character of a "hot dad" who flirts with star Jaime Pressly's character of Annie. Alas, all will not end in awesome romance, thanks to Annie's dubious parenting skills.

That's OK. Captain Awesome is too good to spend much time in a mediocre sitcom.

An Evil, Hippie, Hacker Commune?
Only on Chuck...

According to TVGuide.com, the Chuck spies will spend some time this season facing off against the residents of a commune called The Church of the Eternal Wind. But it's not all peace and love with these hippies -- the spiritual leader of the group will be an evil computer hacker.

The episode (possibly episode 5, "Chuck vs. the Hack Off") also promises some cult-inspired semi-nudity and a potentially-lethal computer virus.

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New episodes of Chuck return on Friday, October 21 at 8pm.

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