'Chuck' Casting News: Who Will Be Casey's New Lady?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Although we won't be getting to see Chuck for several more months (season 5 doesn't begin until October 21), production on the show is already in full-swing. That means casting announcements are coming our way. And one piece of crucial information is now available: the part of John Casey's possible love-interest, Gertrude Verbanski, has been cast. Who is the lucky lady?

According to a report from TVLine, actress Carrie-Anne Moss will take on the role of Gertrude. Moss is best-known for her role as Trinity in the Matrix movies and more recently starred in a pilot for Lifetime that did not make it to series.

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Her character is the head of the Verbanski Corporation, a private spy firm that will provide the principle competition to Chuck's newly formed Carmichael Corporation. Gertrude will be a serious former spy who is just as dangerous as Casey -- a former rival of hers.

Because no rivalry can ever be simple on Chuck, sparks are set to fly between Casey and Gertrude. It's hard to say who will win in the spy arena, but no one could possibly lose when we get to watch John Casey navigate the gun-free waters of love.

It's high time that John Casey got some love on Chuck. After all, affection for firearms and an enduring devotion to Ronald Reagan only satisfy a small part of a man's soul. There had been some hints last season that Casey might get back together with his one-time fiance, Kathleen, but that ship seems to have sailed.

As for this new lady friend? Well, all I can say is that Gertrude will have to be one tough spy cookie in order to be the right woman for John Casey. The casting does, however, point in an excellent direction.

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Is Carrie-Anne Moss a good choice to play Gertrude Verbanski? Will she interact well with Casey? Do you expect things to end well or poorly in such a relationship? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

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