'Project Runway All Stars' Recap: Runway Roll Call
'Project Runway All Stars' Recap: Runway Roll Call
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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A school bus comes to pick up the designers outside of Parsons, and most of the designers come to the brilliant conclusion that their challenge will have something to do with a school. Viktor hopes they don't have to design for kids because he "doesn't do children."

Alyssa meets them at a New York elementary school known for education in the creative arts to tell them that this is their unconventional material challenge. They'll each only have four minutes to fill a backpack of whatever supplies they find in the classroom to use for their garment and only one day to complete a high-fashion design.

I would be lying if I said that these grown-ass adults running through this classroom like well-dressed tornadoes wasn't hilarious. Because it was. And they manage to make a complete mess of the room too, something in which Christopher is just a tiny bit embarrassed by their behavior.

Fashion School

Mychael initially grabs just anything that he has a good visual reaction to. In the workroom he wants to use melted crayons to put over his muslin base, but the crayon-melting plan falls through after he doesn't get the desired effect. So he has to do the best he can with his random materials, but he doesn't feel confident with his dress.

Korto talks about how she's especially inspired by her daughter for this challenge. She wants to create a print using rubber bands but Zanna is worried that it may be way too much work for this one day challenge.

Because he's been in the bottom the last two weeks, Jeffrey really wants to push himself to make something fun and playful and "more Jeffrey" than he has previously. He's using foam floor mats as a skirt and originally wants to make couture sleeves and a collar, but decides against it because it didn't fit with the tone of the rest of the look. Also, because of the primary colors he's using, Zanna calls it a Lego dress. HA.

Zanna tells Irina that her pink dress looks very princess-y and Irina is not amused. But when is she ever?

Riding on the school bus brought back some bad memories for Christopher who said he was tortured in school for being gay. He wants to use his experience to inspire him and create an "anti-bullying" look. He makes the dress of black binders and wants to do a rainbow collar.

If you guessed that Elena was making another structural color-blocked dress, you would be right. You can't really blame her though because it keeps landing her in the top. She has a bit of a melt-down when Zanna comes to see her though because she's worried she won't be able to get things done.

Viktor is cutting up plastic rulers to achieve a feather affect on his dress. Elena says that he stole her idea, but Elena says a lot of things so...

Seth Aaron is sitting pretty, finishing his look way before everyone else. He's got the foam floor pads too with a black tablet notebook accent on the chest bone.

Runway in Session

The winner of this challenge will have their look photographed for Marie Claire. Not only that but all of the looks will be sent back to the elementary school for them to auction off to raise money for their creative arts programs.

The judges this week are the usual Georgina Chapan, Isaac Mizrahi and Alyssa Milano joined by Oscar nominee and American Horror Story star Gabourey Sidibe and Ugly Betty star Michael Urie.

Honor Roll

Elena- The judges appreciated how well-crafted and beautiful her look was, but they did call her out for making the same dress she has made each week. Michael especially liked the pointy bust line, and Georgina thought it was a fabulous look.

Viktor- Viktor's look got a great response from the judges. They all liked the feather effect but Isaac thought the back was especially stunning where as the medallions in the front didn't quite work for him. Gabourey thinks that it looks like something Beyonce might wear.

Christopher- Isaac felt a little manipulated by his bullying story, but thought the design of the dress was very appealing. Georgina thought the scissor details pushed it a bit over the top and Alyssa was hoping to see more of his personality in his designs.

Flunking Out

Jeffrey- Uh-oh, this is the third week in a row of Jeffrey landing in the bottom. Georgina said she had a hard time judging the look because the model's bits were completely exposed. Isaac says it looks like a playground and a complete mess.

Korto- The judges appreciated her ambition using the rubber bands as a print but Isaac says the proportions are way off and pretty unforgivable. Alyssa does think that if it were better executed, it would have been very pretty.

Mychael- Mychael doesn't really have any excuses for his construction paper and jump rope dress that falls apart on the runway. Isaac does say he likes the colors, and if you squint at it, it's not all that bad. But Alyssa says it looks like a pure arts and crafts project.

The judges deem Christopher the winner of the challenge with a great inspiration and an equally as good look.

And instead of sending one of these jokers home tonight, the judges decide to save all three. They said they couldn't find a reason to eliminate a single one of them. Are they for real? All three of the bottom looks were terrible. It's more surprising that they didn't send all three of them home. What a strange decision.

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