Christopher Knight Goes Up in Flames This Week on 'Celebrity Circus'
Christopher Knight Goes Up in Flames This Week on 'Celebrity Circus'
Safety measures and disclaimer fine print notwithstanding, Celebrity Circus takes the realm of reality programming to the voyeuristically twisted.  Take a hapless lot of famous, non-Ringling Brothers celebs and get them to do death-defying circus stunts and tricks.  What do you get?  The potential for mouth-gaping bad falls, burns and tumbles.  Of course, what are a few life-threatening scenarios in the spirit of riveting television?

When Celebrity Circus returns for its second broadcast this week, Christopher Knight, one of our daring celebrity competitors, will hope his fire insurance covers bodily harm and damage when he turns himself into the reality show's version of Heroes' Peter Petrelli.

Following last week's premiere, NBC's Celebrity Circus hopes to carry on with the momentum with its second telecast on Wednesday, June 18.  Highlight of Wednesday's episode is The Brady Bunch's Christopher Knight hoping not to resemble Ralph Fiennes in The English Patient or any number of victims on CSI.

Knight will attempt to successfully stage the “act of fire clowning” that will require him to light himself up like the ceremonial effigy that goes up in flames at the annual Black Rock Desert Burning Man Festival in Nevada.  Suffice it to say, the trick is for him not to burn to the ground like that Burning Man giant doll.

Aside from Knight's hopefully spectacular and safe fire clowning stunt, the other big-name contestants will likewise deliver their own new routines to try and impress America.  Here's a rundown of the exciting acts in store on Celebrity Circus Wednesday night:

Jason “Wee Man” Acuna will hope to fare better than Burning Man wannabe Chris Knight did, when he takes on the German Wheel, where Knight unfortunately broke his arm.  He pairs off with trainer Vladimir Sizov for what is slated to be a synchronized act.

For her part, Stacey Dash will execute the Cerceau with trainer Sacha Fedorchev.  Dash will try to deliver a sexy, high-energy number soaring 50 feet above ground without the benefit of a safety line or harness.

My personal favorite, Antonio Sabato Jr., tries to put his impressive arms and upper body to the test via a hand-balancing act with trainer/partner Christine Van Loo.

Blu Cantrell will play with the same element Christopher Knight hopes to get through unscathed, when she brings on a fire spinning number that blends fiery blazes with the tapestry of dance.

Janet Evans forsakes the comfort of her natural water element for the unfamiliarity of heights, when she takes on the flying silks that will catapult her 40 feet above the ground.  With no safety harnesses to speak off, she will have to rely on trainer and partner Sebastian Stella to help her get past her fear of flying and get her through the routine.

Finally, Rachel Hunter will experiment with a brand-new stunt akin to the hammock.  She will execute aerial acrobatics both in and out of the hammock, while attempting to bear the weight of partner Sacha Fedorchev as they soar over the audience.

Don't miss all the thrills and chills Celebrity Circus' second episode promises to deliver on Wednesday, June 18 from 9:30-11pm.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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