Is James Maslow Really the Biggest Threat in 'Celebrity Big Brother'?
Is James Maslow Really the Biggest Threat in 'Celebrity Big Brother'?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The lines in the Celebrity Big Brother house have been drawn firmly down the middle. It's the women (and Ross Matthews) vs. the men and already the ladies have set their first target. James Maslow has been singled out for the first eviction in Celebrity Big Brother and it looks like the women have everything in their favor to make it happen. Yet James really shouldn't be anyone's first target.

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A Big Ego Is Not a Big Threat

The women's reasoning for targeting James is two-fold. They want to keep their all-female (and Ross) alliance intact and they figure that James is the strongest guy in the house, if not one of the biggest threats in the game. This, quite simply, isn't true. 

James is incredibly annoying, egoistical and smug. Celebrity Big Brother would be best getting him out as soon as possible. James has quickly become even more unlikable than Omarosa. Ultimately though, James is only considered a legend in his own mind. 

James is hopelessly out of his league on Celebrity Big Brother. He might've come in second in the (now meaningless) Head of Household competition but otherwise he's done next to nothing in the game that should considered a threat. James' social game has been horrible. He's stuck more to the gender war of the Celebrity Big Brother house than the women. From the Head of Household, James was gathering together the doofus men and excluding Ross. In addition, James shown about 10% interest and knowledge in how the game is played. James' "strategy" has consisted of him telling big threats that they're big threats. 

It's best for the women's game to keep James in the house. He's not going to do anything but make people upset and, on the off chance he does win a competition that gives him power, he's easily manipulated. James, despite thinking he's God's gift to Celebrity Big Brother and the world, didn't take the Gift Bag advantage because he was promised he'd be safe. It's hard to get more gullible or near-sighted in the Big Brother house, Celebrity Edition or not. 

This is why the majority alliance's real target should be the person next to James on the block, his inexplicable long-time friend, Chuck Liddell. 

The Fighter Can Still Fight

All the men, except for Ross, in Celebrity Big Brother are fighting at a clear disadvantage. Metta doesn't even want to be in the house, James is blinded by his own ego and Mark is doing something, it's just unclear what and if it's at all useful or interesting. Of the men though, Chuck seems to be the most aware and savvy about the game. It's like picking a dull blade in a box full of useless tools but that blade can still cut someone. Chuck, unlike anyone else on the other side of the house, realized that he needed to make nice with the girls and not just pump iron with all the guys in the gym.

Chuck also took the risky move by going for a Gift Bag. This play is really why he ended up on the block but Chuck was at least trying to make waves in the house, attempting to get himself some power in the process. Chuck is playing the game and that's more than can be said for a lot of men in the Celebrity Big Brother house. 

It also can't be completely ignored that Chuck is an accomplished former MMA fighter. He's not in peak physical condition anymore but there's a lot of strength and athleticism in Chuck. Chuck is way better off, physically, then Mark, Metta and a lot of the women. Only Shannon and maybe Omarosa could stand toe-to-toe with Chuck in certain physical competitions. 

It's true that the difference between Shannon Elizabeth and Chuck Liddell when it comes to knowledge of Big Brother is vast. Chuck is nowhere near a superfan and the ladies are already running circles around him strategically. However, Chuck is a much bigger and more long-term threat to the alliance of women than James. Though it's doubtful whether anyone in the Celebrity Big Brother house will see it. 

Do you agree? Are the women making a mistake targeting James over Chuck? Who would you pick as your first target?

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