Can the Women Trust Omarosa on 'Celebrity Big Brother'?
Can the Women Trust Omarosa on 'Celebrity Big Brother'?
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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For the first time, Celebrity Big Brother has hit the United States. Although the names from the first celebrity edition of the reality franchise might not be the most recognizable, the celebs aren't messing around. The accelerated time table of Celebrity Big Brother -- the season will only last three weeks -- has lit a fire under certain contestants. 

On the very first night, seemingly within hours, Omarosa decided it was time for an all-girls alliance and even more shockingly, the women around her agreed to the plan. Joining together with Shannon Elizabeth, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Ariadna Gutierrez and others, Omarosa plans to steamroll the house but it's doubtful whether the others can really trust her.

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The History of Female Power in the Big Brother House

The official unofficial catchphrase of Big Brother might be "Expect the Unexpected" but really, it's more accurate to claim, "All-Female Alliances Never Work." While women have won Big Brother and done well in the game, and all-men alliances have dominated the house, the ladies never tend to stick their alliance from the start of the season to its end. 

There's no hard and fast rule why it doesn't work out. Sometimes a showmance gets in a way, other times the women end up not liking one another and sudden evictions can even play a role. Yet even if the reasons for all-female alliances falling apart differ, the timelines usually stay the same. There's almost always talk about an all-female alliance in the house on the first night but it falls apart by the second week, if not completely implodes by the third. 

With nothing else to do but argue and scheme, it's almost impossible to make a night one alliance stick, whether it's all women or not. Aggressive players never do well on Big Brother. The game is a marathon not a sprint. However, Celebrity Big Brother is different and that's where the women might have an advantage. The show is on such a shortened schedule that by the time a female alliance would normally fall apart, Celebrity Big Brother will be over. 

It helps that the women greatly outnumber the men in the Celebrity Big Brother household, and more importantly, understand the game better. Brandi Glanville is seemingly there to drink champagne and insult people but Shannon Elizabeth, Marissa Jaret WInokur and Omarosa are there to play the game and claim to be huge fans of the show. This is a huge difference compared to clueless James Maslow and Mark McGrath, who once made a joke that people laughed at and now he thinks he's a comedian. 

The women really are in a position to dominate ... if they weren't building their alliance on the foundation that is Omarosa. 

Omarosa's Reality TV History

Going into Celebrity Big Brother, Omarosa is the biggest target and with very good reason. Omarosa has a long history in the public eye of being utterly ruthless, stabbing everyone in the back and being downright unlikable. She emerged as one of the first "great" reality TV villains during The Apprentice and she's never tried to sway from that position. It's not just fancy TV editing, Omarosa is viciously competitive and totally untrustworthy. Omarosa's brand is built on being completely awful to everyone around her at all times.  

It was foolish, in the extreme, for Shannon to immediately confess to Omarosa that she had a pre-existing relationship with Marissa. It's true that Shannon and Omarosa seem to be ruling the house, for the moment, together but that can easily change. The question of Omarosa's loyalties isn't if she'll turn, it's how and when. 

The only slight opening that the women have is that, so far, there doesn't seem much for Omarosa to gain by switching to the men. The reasons the women could dominate the house are the same reasons that Omarosa shouldn't align with the men. The men, except Ross, are out of their depth and can't benefit Omarosa, at least not at the beginning. 

However, when Celebrity Big Brother reaches its endgame, there's no way Omarosa is sticking with a legitimate threat like Shannon over an easy goat like Mark McGrath or Metta World Peace. 

But what do you think? Will the all-female alliance work? Will Omarosa be the alliance's downfall? Should anyone in the house trust Omarosa? Would you trust her? 

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