[Videos] 'Castle' Preview: One Murder and Three Confessions -- Who's the Real Killer?
[Videos] 'Castle' Preview: One Murder and Three Confessions -- Who's the Real Killer?
Rachelle Thomas
Rachelle Thomas
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Castle and Becket appear to have an open and shut case in tonight's episode of Castle titled "Room 147." But fans know things are never what they seem on the hit ABC show, especially when it comes to murder.

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Something unexpected happens to Richard Castle tonight: he has no theory about the case. That is right -- the man who has a theory about every case comes up empty-handed. He has nothing; zip, zilch, nada, not a little ounce of a theory at all. Has Castle lost his murder-solving mojo? How will his setback affect the case and how long will it last? Personally, I am kind of excited to see Castle at a loss for words; it will be a first for sure. 

Aside from Castle's little issue, Beckett and crew end up with one murder and three confessions. Yes, Kate's simple case quickly becomes complicated when three different people confess to the same murder. In each confession, the "suspect" truly believes he or she is the actual murderer, but who really committed the crime? Is there a bigger conspiracy going on or do the three suspects truly believe they are the killer? 

Those are questions that won't be answered until you watch the show, but we do have a little sneak peek to hold you over until the show. In the below video, watch Anita confess to Beckett, but is her confession for real or is she trying to set up our favorite detective?

General Hospital fans are in for a real treat, as fan favorite Bradford Anderson guest stars in tonight's episode. He plays Dwight Carruthers, one of the three who confess to the murder. Little is known about his character, but from the promo clip it appears to be quite a change from his GH character, Damian Spinelli. Anderson will reunite with this former General Hospital co-star Seamus Dever, who played the bad Dr. Ian Devlin.

Castle and Beckett have their hands full, that is for sure. Get a glimpse of what is in our store for the crime-solving lovebirds in the below preview video.

Castle airs Monday nights at 10pm on ABC. 

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