Read an Excerpt From the New 'Castle' Novel 'Deadly Heat'
Read an Excerpt From the New 'Castle' Novel 'Deadly Heat'
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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Less than two weeks to go before the Castle Season 6 premiere and it feels like months away. Want a way to make the time go faster? Why not reading the latest novel from Rick Castle, called "Deadly Heat"?

Richard Castle isn't just a character who appears on a TV show, he's also a writer that publishes books in real life. Well, at least there's someone out there writing under his name, but let's just suspend reality and go with it, shall we? Using Kate Beckett as his beautiful muse, Richard Castle has written a series of bestselling novels, as well as a series of original eBook short stories. 

The new book will be released on September 17 - I know, I know, that's another whole week to wait - but Parade posted a nice, long excerpt for fans to check out. 

So sit back, grab an iced tea (or hot cocoa if your part of the world has cooler weather right now) and enjoy a snippet from "Deadly Heat."

NYPD Homicide detective Nikki Heat double-parked her gray Crown Victoria behind the coroner van and strode toward the pizza joint where a body waited. A uniform in short sleeves finger-looped the caution tape for her to duck under, and when she straightened up on the other side, Heat stopped, letting her gaze fall down Broadway. At that moment, twenty blocks south, her boyfriend, Jameson Rook, was taking bows at a Times Square press event to celebrate publication of his big new article. An article so big the publisher had made it the cover story to launch the magazine's Web site. Heat should have been happy. Instead she felt gut- ripped. Because his big article was about her.

She took one step to go inside, but only one. That corpse wasn't going anywhere, and Heat needed a moment to curse herself for helping Rook write it.

A few weeks before, when she gave him her blessing to chronicle her investigation into the murder of her mom, it had seemed like a good idea. Well, maybe not a good idea, just a prudent one. Heat's dramatic capture of the surprise killer after more than a decade became hot news, and Rook put it bluntly: Somebody would write this story. Would she prefer a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist or some tabloid hack?

To read the rest of the super-long excerpt, be sure to check out the article over at Parade

What did you think of the snippet from the new Rick Castle novel? Will you be buying it when it comes out next week?

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