'Castle' vs. 'Hawaii Five-0': Which Show Had the Best Season Finale Cliffhanger?
'Castle' vs. 'Hawaii Five-0': Which Show Had the Best Season Finale Cliffhanger?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Monday night was full of shocking season finales and giant cliffhangers. Barney's getting married on How I Met Your Mother (but to whom?), Naomi is pregnant with Max's baby on 90210 and Chuck completely changed the game for the 47th time with a brilliant setup for the final season. I'm sure Gossip Girl did something too, but I gave up on that show a long time ago.

The two best season finales, however, came from the 10pm cop dramas Castle and Hawaii Five-0, and though these two shows are world's apart, they had very similar season finales. Let's look at the evidence:

-Both shows dealt with the ongoing mystery surrounding the death of a main character.

-Both shows revealed that the main character's boss was a part of the conspiracy surrounding the murder.

-Both shows featured that same boss getting shot and killed.

But what show had the best season finale cliffhanger, Castle or Hawaii Five-0? Let's look at both of them.


Beckett's investigation into the murder of her mother ultimately revealed that her own boss, Captain Montgomery, was involved. However, the captain got to play the hero in the end by helping Beckett kill the assassin after her, dying in the process.

If you thought the betrayal and death of a series regular from the beginning was the big twist, you don't know Castle. At the funeral, an unseen sniper shot Beckett and, as she was dying, Castle finally (FINALLY!) professed his love for her. An entire swarm of flies flew into my mouth because my jaw was on the floor for so long.

Hawaii Five-0

In an equally shocking season finale, Steve McGarrett learned that the governor of Hawaii (the fantastic Jean Smart) was involved in the death of his mother and he went to any lengths to expose her, pulling a Jack Bauer by holding an elected official at gunpoint and demanding a confession.

In the last minute twist, Wo Fat showed up, tazed McGarrett and killed the governor, framing Steve for the murder. So the season ended with Steve in jail, Kono under arrest for stealing the money from the asset forfeiture locker, Chin returning to his old job and Danny considering leaving the island to be with his ex-wife, who's pregnant with his baby. The Five-0 unit was destroyed and everyone was left in an impossible decision.

The Best Cliffhanger

As much as it pains me, I have to admit that Hawaii Five-0 had the best cliffhanger. Don't get me wrong, I love Castle and I actually thought it had the better season finale, but in terms of cliffhangers, you can't beat Hawaii Five-0. All four major characters were stuck in perilous situations and I don't see any way out of them.

Castle, on the other hand, is obviously misleading fans. We all know that there's absolutely no way they would kill off Beckett because she's the female lead and it would completely destroy the show. It may have looked like she died, but the only real cliffhanger is how she'll survive, because there's a zero percent chance of Stana Katic leaving the show.

So because Castle is obviously just messing with us, I have to admit that Hawaii Five-0 had the better cliffhanger, leaving fans confused and anxious to see how the team gets out of their difficult situations.

Which Monday night season finale was your favorite?

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