'Castle' Videos: Take a Sneak Peek at 'The Final Frontier'
'Castle' Videos: Take a Sneak Peek at 'The Final Frontier'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Yes, Castle will boldly go where few crime procedurals have gone before: to a sci-fi convention. This episode -- one of the most entertaining of the series to date -- takes us deep into the realm of extreme science fiction when a mega-fan is murdered. With shout-outs to sci-fi classics like Star Trek, Star Wars, anime and, yes, Firefly, "The Final Frontier" is a Castle episode you do not want to miss. Check out these four videos for a sneak peek.

WARNING: There are Castle season 5 videos ahead. But they are so thoroughly awesome that you should really be OK with that.

The first Castle video shows that Richard Castle is not the only sci-fi geek investigating the murder.

K-Bex. Detective Beckett was once known to her friends as K-Bex. Please pause and savor the incredible randomness of this fact. Also, she has a Nebula 9 outfit. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Beckett did not need that photo for official NYPD business.

(In case you were wondering, Nebula 9 is the cult-classic sci-fi show that features at the center of "The Final Frontier.")

The next video has Castle and Beckett interviewing a suspect in the murder. This woman actually was a cast member on Nebula 9 -- the Lieutenant Chloe that Beckett once imitated -- and is now a successful film actress.

  • The murder victim's name is Annabelle. She was in charge of something called the "Nebula 9 Fan Experience." The Experience is actually pretty cool.
  • Is that a monkey, a gargoyle or some sort of troll-thing laughing in the foreground?
  • Beckett knows an awful lot about Nebula 9, doesn't she?
  • Gabriel Winters -- the actor who played Captain Max on Nebula 9 -- is a major character in this episode. He is played by Eureka's Ed Quinn. You'll enjoy him.

The third of the videos shows the darker side of sci-fi conventions. Well, it's the darker side if you are a concerned parent of a young woman, anyway.

Ah, anime! The oddly cute-yet-sexy side of the science fiction world!

The final video features Armin Shimerman, an actor best known for his stints on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Here, he just makes toys for sci-fi fans. Really, really cool toys.

Yes, Castle fans, the victim was killed by a blaster from a science-fiction show. That's just how cool "The Final Frontier" is.

Watch the full episode on Monday, November 5 at 10pm on ABC.

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