'Castle' Season 4 Finale Review: Goodbye to Everything That Was Familiar
'Castle' Season 4 Finale Review: Goodbye to Everything That Was Familiar
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
I don't usually cry when watching TV.

I enjoy television, of course. That should be obvious, considering my job. I laugh, love and frequently obsess over TV greatness. But I really don't cry very much.

The Castle season 4 finale was an exception to this. What terrifying and awesome endings and beginnings inspired those tears?

The Endings

The Esposito and Ryan Bromance
No matter what angst we've seen between Castle and Beckett, we knew we could always count on Ryan and Esposito's unwavering loyalty to each other. But now, with Ryan's lifesaving betrayal, things have changed.

The fundamental differences between the two men played out and potentially changed everything. Esposito's aggression and recklessness supported Beckett, but it was Ryan's caution and respect for order that saved the day.

Or did it? Even if lives were saved, a bromance may have ended.

Mr. Smith
We didn't see the mystery man die. But we might as well have. RIP, Mr. Smith!

Beckett's High-Flying Detective Career
Because this is television, we can expect that Beckett will be a police detective again. Castle wouldn't really function if she left the force, after all. Beckett will be back at the Precinct.

But that doesn't mean there will be no consequences. Beckett quit in disgrace, so how will she pay? Will rule-following Ryan end up her superior? Could another detective take charge? Will Gates allow Castle back in, even if Beckett returns?

Just Partners
For four years, Castle and Beckett have had a brilliant working relationship as partners and friends. It's safe to say we're not going to see that anymore.

Which brings us to...

The Beginnings

Where Does Love Go Next?
Castle said "I love you" to a conscious and listening Beckett. Beckett, in turn, picked Castle over everything. Neither her obsession nor her job mattered. Only Castle.

This made for an incredible, passionate scene -- a scene guaranteed to make even the most hardcore anti-Caskett fan swoon. To a pro-Caskett fan like me, it was breathtaking and tear-jerking. What could possibly follow that?

No clue.

So few shows have gone this route -- this uninhibited, no-holds-barred route -- that I can't see at all what might lie ahead for the twosome on Castle. All I have is a series of questions.

  • Will Castle and Beckett be together now?
  • Will they tell others?
  • What does this mean for the future of Beckett's career?
  • Can this relationship even work?
  • Are we going to see more of this passionate romance? (Please?!)

What Love Can't Hide
Beckett is in trouble.

Mr. Smith, her mysterious protector, seems doomed. The Conspiracy is gunning for Beckett with no more plans to hold back. Even if she does choose to pursue the case of her mother's murder, Beckett has nothing with which to move forward. The bad guys hold all of the cards.

All of this spells nothing but danger for Beckett. And Castle, because you know he would totally get in the line of fire. Castle season 5 will have to go into uncharted territory and confront this new problem. There will certainly be the standard weekly murders, but we can also expect much, much more.

The Tears

I cried as the Castle season 4 finale ended. I had to. I cried because everything familiar about four seasons of Castle was over. And I cried because of the amazing future we can expect from Castle season 5.

When tears are inspired by something as incredible as the Castle season finale, crying is good. Thanks for that, Castle. See you next year!

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