'Castle' Recap: Heads are Gonna Roll
'Castle' Recap: Heads are Gonna Roll
As the season of Castle gets closer to the end, Rick Castle gets thrown a few curveballs. Or more to the point; he gets himself thrown into a frantic gang drama, adorned with three severed heads in a duffel bag and a dead kid named Glitch. Castle is saddled with rogue cop Detective Ethan Slaughter (guest star Adam Baldwin, making a Firefly reunion with Nathan Fillion!), who in one day hands Castle a gun, gets him into a bar fight with very, very bad guys, and even ticks Castle off to the point of taking a couple punches on the chin himself.

And by the way ... Slaughter! Now, who would have thought this questionable fella would get a name like that? Slaughter is the kind of character a crime novelist like Castle dreams about; a rugged, maniacal wild card with unknown motives and a never-ending supply of one-liners. Played by guest star Adam Baldwin, this guy is here to create some drama before the season's end, maybe turn the entire police force on its head and get himself in some bad, bad trouble in the process. Watching this guy operate is exhausting, but the entertaining part is seeing Castle in a completely new role -- as a badass.

What Drives Beckett to Therapy?

One who's not so thrilled about Castle's sudden turnaround is Detective Beckett. She feels slightly betrayed by Castle's newfound interest in playing cop, and even goes to see her therapist in complete frustration. In the midst of her own tirade, she finally realizes she might be too late in acknowledging some poorly hidden affections for Castle, and that he might have already moved on. Uhm, yeah, you think?! The attraction between these two has been dragging on a bit too long by now. There comes a point in every show when that sort of thing just goes from being intriguing to plain silly.

The Supposed Three-Gang-War

Meanwhile, Slaughter and Castle go hunting for the murderer through not one, not two, but three different gangs currently roaming the city. There's the Jamaican one, called the Trench Town Posse, then there's the one Glitch belonged to, referred to as "the Westies," and then there's that Mexican gang that all fingers keep pointing to. Did the bad, bad gang boss kill Glitch and put the severed heads from unknown Jamaicans in the bag to start a gang war between the Westies and the Jamaicans? A clever trick to wipe out some unwanted street prowlers, right?

Slaughter is even so confident in this that he targets an 18-year old Mexican gang member and takes him for a ride ... in the trunk of his Challenger. While coercing the kid through a testimony, Castle picks up Slaughter's sly ways and takes it to Beckett.

Beckett and Castle head out to the crime scene where there is - wait for it! - a payphone! Wow, haven't seen any of THOSE in a while. And SCORE! From said payphone, a call was placed the night of the crime to Brian Reilly, Glitch's very own father. A big disappointment he was, Glitch, and having screwed up yet another mission, Dad didn't see any other solution than to put some lead in his son.

Slaughter has to admit his mistake and, oh yeah, Castle is back where he belongs: following the gorgeous Detective Beckett around like a slightly confused Yorkshire terrier.

Ann Arntsen
Contributing Writer

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