'Castle' Recap: Castle and Beckett Face Their First Relationship Hurdle
'Castle' Recap: Castle and Beckett Face Their First Relationship Hurdle
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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Every relationship has its own share of problems. The first fight, the angry silence, the time you have to go on a fake date with a television reporter and accidentally make it to second base. You know, normal couple stuff.

This week, Castle settled into its groove and began to answer the chief question on fans' minds after the dramatic, romantic and huge season premiere. That question being: just how will the show deal with Castle and Beckett as a couple, instead of just as a sexual tension machine? The answer, thus far, is humorously.

Castle has always been closer to the comedy than drama side of the dramedy equation. If there's one thing Castle writers know how to do, it's crafting a good pun or setting up a funny scene. This is wise, because Nathan Fillion's innate charm lends even the most mundane scenes with energy. Now that Castle and Beckett are together, the writers are mining comedy out of their feeble attempts to keep their relationship to themselves.

How well will Castle and Beckett hide their relationship from their detective coworkers? Only time will tell, but judging by this episode, it's only a matter of time before someone discovers their secret. My money's on Lanie.

Drowning in a Sea of Lies?

Most Castle episodes end up being, at least indirectly, about the issues facing our core partnership. Now that the two are officially hooking up and trying to keep it quiet, a good chunk of the episode is related
to the strain of secret relationships.

Beckett wants to keep their relationship quiet, because coworkers aren't allowed to date. Castle rightly points out that, actually, he doesn't even work for the police department, but Beckett doesn't think that will matter much to Gates.

So Beckett declares that, in public, they will both be single. This all happens as Castle adorably tricks Kate into changing so he can see her with her shirt off. What they have is a very mature relationship.

Watching the two work a case as a couple is fairly adorable. In the news studio, Beckett laughs to herself as Castle uses the monitors to pretend he's Superman. For two people who constantly work to solve mysteries, however, you'd think they would be better at hiding this secret. Lanie takes one look at Kate and knows she's seeing someone new. Esposito picks up on the fact that Castle didn't bring Beckett her usual cup of coffee.

So when a pretty entertainment reporter named Christina asks Castle out on camera, he panics and says yes. He feels like it's the perfect cover for his secret relationship with Beckett. Little does he know that Christina is a man-eater with a bikini fetish who comes over to his apartment to seduce him. This leads to one of the funniest moments of the episode, as a misunderstanding has Beckett breaking down the door in time to see Christina straddling a flummoxed Castle. That is not a moment where I'd want Beckett pointing a gun at me.

As they talk to more and more people on the case, they are inundated with people saying secret relationships don't work. Beckett worries that their new relationship might become untenable. Castle tells her they don't have all the answers, but they just have to live with the questions and find their way. One thing Beckett can't live with, however, is the mental image of Christina's boobs in Castle's face.

Sucker Punch

Meanwhile, another relationship is also on the rocks. The guy-love between Ryan and Esposito took a real hit in last season's finale, and the two are still sniping at each other constantly. As usual, they're in the field together, which makes things a bit awkward with all their squabbling.

Finally, they go to apprehend a famous basketball player and get on the wrong side of his gigantic guard. Esposito gets punched immediately, and later Ryan is entering the precinct with a black eye as well. A black eye that suddenly and magically disappears. Esposito picks this up immediately and asks whether Ryan put on makeup to cover it up. Ryan defensively responds that he just used Jenny's tinted moisturizer, which is totally makeup.

As the episode ends, the two are about to leave when a story on the TV catches their eye. It's a fan-shot video of the two of them getting beaten by the guards. This is extremely accurate, except it wouldn't have taken multiple days to get around. It would have basically been on Deadspin about 20 minutes after it happened.

On the tape, Esposito sees Ryan take a punch for him. Ryan explains it's because they're partners, and Espo offers to take him out for a beer -- and the guy love is back and it's wonderful. As long as they avoid sports bars, anyway.

Oh, Mandy

The case of the week this time around is a weather girl named Mandy who's pretty, but approaching some kind of HD camera event horizon in her career. I guess at some point in your 30s, they just set you adrift on an ice flow because you're too hideous to be seen in high-definition.

But Mandy isn't just an aging blonde bombshell; she also really cares about kids with asthma. Of course, there's a ton of red herrings on the way to finding out what Mandy's really up to and what got her killed in the park at night. First, there's a creepy stalker, then a dumb carpet factory owner and even a fellow weather girl who didn't like Mandy much.

It's a helicopter that finally clues them into what Mandy was really doing. She had found out that most of the kids had been playing in a certain baseball park near the carpet factory, which is why they were all getting sick. She was planning on exposing the lies, but her coworker, Miles, wasn't too happy about her altruistic streak. He too was having problems in his career and needed a big story to keep him afloat.

The two worked together to uncover the carpet factory's corruption, but Mandy knew it would take too long to get the story fact-checked, and was planning on giving the story to the EPA. Miles tried to scare her with a gun, but she fought back and the gun went off.

Castle cracks the case wide open, thanks to his date with Christina and her bikini-clad sex attack. See, she mentions there's only one guy who has ever resisted her charms: Miles. They find out Miles was lying about having a relationship with Mandy because Miles was actually gay. So despite presenting Castle and Beckett with their first relationship hurdle, Christina actually helps solve a murder. Unfortunately, this doesn't help with Beckett's bikini-related PTSD.

What did you think of this week's episode? Are you loving Castle and Beckett together as a couple? Do you think it's wise they're trying to hide their relationship? Share in the comments.

Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer

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