'Castle' Recap: Beckett and Castle Test-Drive Parenthood
'Castle' Recap: Beckett and Castle Test-Drive Parenthood
Candice Block Lombardi
Candice Block Lombardi
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Kate Beckett and Richard Castle are moving fast during this week's episode of Castle: heading to the chapel and bringing home a baby, all in one day.

Why the rush?

It's an addictively cute baby, sure, but I have to ask, why must we assume that Beckett and Castle are on the fast-track to parenthood? 

We just adjusted to a Caskett engagement, and the producers have all but told us that they will make a baby. We have no wedding date, but several times in this episode Beckett and Castle banter about "when they have children." 

There's no "if" we have children. No "I have a grown college-age daughter already named Alexis," no "let's focus on 'us' first" and no "I have my career to think about."

And thus it is written, just as the time-traveler from the future foretold a few weeks ago (evidenced as perhaps the one "real" paranormal event in Castleville because the killer's photo of DeChile's letter had coffee stains, but the letter itself didn't until Beckett spilled coffee on it herself): Caskett will have three children, Castle will start writing literary novels and Beckett will be senator. Hopefully after she puts Senator Bracken away for life. If the show lasts that long.

But until that future arrives, today all is cozy in Castle and Beckett's Thanksgiving fantasy of their ever-after. Fitting, then, that the crime is practically white-collar. 

Baby Depot

Our episode begins like the start of a riddle or a bad joke: on a cold, dark night, a man hurries into a church, stumbles up the middle aisle, deposits a live baby in the arms of a stunned priest and dies. Puzzler.

Far from cold and death and babies are Castle and Beckett in his apartment kitchen, preparing too much Thanksgiving food because he wants there to be leftovers. Castle asks what costumes Beckett and her father will wear, because he and his mother and Alexis usually dress as Puritans or Native Americans.

Thanksgiving costumes are a bit over-the-top, but then it's Castle. (At this point, I am not sure if Castle is joking, but he seems serious.) I'm sure Beckett is picturing an in-law Thanksgiving that's as cheery and sanguine as the one when Castle's mom told Beckett's dad that baseball was stupid, and he told her that actors are not serious. (Martha did not receive that compliment very well.)

Heading to the Chapel

Beckett's team is called to the scene. Lanie is holding the baby and smiling. We learn the victim, Cameron Ducane, entered the church at 6:30. Before searching the scene, Beckett asks Ryan and Esposito to contact the next of kin and she will get a hold of child services.

The police would take the baby to the precinct, but Castle insists on taking him. Castle wants to take care of the baby because he's an RHD -- "Ruggedly Handsome Dad." Nice.

Lanie shows Beckett the car that Ducane drove to the church: riddled with bullet holes and filled with blood. There's no car seat; the baby was not in the car with Ducane for very long.

Zero Points for the Murder Board

Back at the precinct, Beckett goes through the usual motions to check off her to-do boxes for the murder board. She interviews the wife of the dead man; they had no baby. He's a driver for a car service and works the overnight shift. Two months ago, he started acting paranoid and bought an alarm system.

Ryan and Espo head to the victim's work. His boss takes them up an elevator and gives them a lead: someone showed up at work and scared Cameron. (His boss calls him "Cam.") The guy had a tattoo of a wolf howling at the moon. 

The tattoo belongs to Jimmy Wolfinsky, convicted when a bank robbery went south. A sketch artist caught Wolfinsky's partner: it was the victim. Jimmy has an apartment in Queens; the police head to pick him up.

Baby Fever

Castle returns to the precinct with the baby boy and a team of officers trailing. The officers are holding boxes of many baby things. Beckett says she is getting a "clear and frightening visual" of what her future looks like with Castle. Ryan takes the baby, who cries. Ryan's worried because Jenny is due in one month and he's afraid he'll be a bad parent.

Castle says he can smell fear. He's the baby whisperer.

Kate doesn't want to hold him. Espo doesn't want to hold him. Not everyone has the fever.
They double-check with hospitals and all agencies, and no one comes forward.

Lanie stops by to bring some info by and ... looks like Lanie wants to carry the baby.
She lets the team know that they found some odd ingredients on the body: charred cellulite as well as ingredients that are included in plastics but highly flammable.

The Wrong Bad Guy

On their way to pick up Wolfinsky, Ryan stops to buy a lottery ticket. Trust me, this fact is important. Let's continue. Espo sees Wolfinsky pass by and tackles him. Back at the precinct, Castle watches the interrogation with a baby on his arm. Ryan tires to hold the baby again and it cries. Wolfinsky says he doesn't know the victim, but then admits that he wanted Cam to get him a good job. He didn't kill Cam. His alibi checks out.

Beckett Doesn't Like Babies

It's no surprise when Beckett admits she's not a baby person. "I'm sure I'll feel differently when we have one of our own," she tells Castle. 

"Will you? Will you?" he asks. Is it realistic that they already agreed to have children when they don't even discuss the wedding? That's the bigger question, not will Beckett like her own baby.

Where's the Baby's Family?

No one's reported missing, and no beds are open for the baby, either. But there's a lead because Cam's car took a different route home every day. He was practicing getaways. Video footage leads the trail to the Colfax building, where masked men entered the parking lot at 2pm. But the security guard, Mr. Dennis, says no alarms were triggered.

Ryan is canvassing outside and finds a bullet hole in the magazine stand. They look up and see a broken window. After heading up to that room, Castle and Beckett find residue from a fire, blood spatters and a diaper. So a baby's been there.

Castle's confused and thinks Cam is not a bad guy because he kept the baby safe. No whereabouts for the baby's family, and there are no foster homes available on Thanksgiving week.

Of course, Castle offers for him and Beckett to take the baby. He's the baby whisperer. And luckily, the social worker says Beckett doesn't need to fill out forms if the baby remains in custody of the NYPD.

Kate's face is not at all thrilled. Maybe she does hate babies.

Castle and Beckett, Not-So-Perfect Parents (Yet)

At home, though, the baby is crying and Beckett is reading a baby book that tells her to bounce the baby. Castle sits on an exercise ball and bounces the baby, who pukes on Castle's shoulder.

Kate laughs, and the baby is now in her arms. But it needs to be changed, which Castle achieves to mission-impossible music.

I'm not sure if Kate's falling in love with the baby, but she is getting googly-eyed for Castle. He is good with children, for sure.

The morning after, they are passed out on the sofa and Martha is bottle-feeding. Alexis walks in to a house filled with babies and baby paraphernalia. "How long have I been gone?" she asks.

Cooking the Lottery

Beckett realizes that what was missing from the room where they found blood spatter and fire was more baby diapers, since so many were used during her adventure the night before. That's baby-war-story name dropping. She's converted to baby-dom.

They return to the building and check the dumpsters. Castle and Beckett have a moment: he volunteers to watch Cosmo (he randomly names the baby Cosmo because that's what he would have named Alexis if she was a boy, but I highly doubt Miranda would have allowed that) for Cosmo's benefit, but it's really for Castle's benefit. When he was raising Alexis, he did it mainly on his own, and he wants to see if Beckett would really step up. She promises she would. They are about to kiss. Awww...

Ryan and Espo jump out of the dumpster: they find a bag with diapers that also contains a wine preservation kit, ping-pong balls, paddles and a net, bags and a receipt. 

They head back to the station, where the receipt turns out to be a dead-end lead. Security footage only shows the back of a guy's head and his sweatshirt.

Ryan asks for them to turn up the TV so he can hear the lottery numbers. 

Bingo. I think all the Castle TV heads out there got it at once. The bad guys are cooking the lottery with their ping pong balls: rigging it to give them the right numbers.

Cam's boss, the security guy and the diaper-buying guy in a sweatshirt are all in on it. They took a man and baby hostage to blackmail an employee (the man's wife) at the TV station. The man is still a hostage, and Beckett's team track down the bad guys and recover the man.

The story comes out: Cam died trying to save the baby's life. The bad guys were going to kill him. Cam was forced into helping with the con job by his boss, and he needed the money. 
The victim is really a hero. Kate learns to like babies and Castle more. Good holiday cheer.

Happy Thanksgiving

Castle and family are cooking in his kitchen. Not in costume. Where are the costumes? I guess he was kidding.

Beckett did not get the joke. She walks into the kitchen wearing two long braids and a Native American-style shirt. Crap. But Beckett is ready. Just in case Castle was kidding, she has a Pilgrim outfit ready.

"You better put this on, Pilgrim!" she says.

Oh, the wedded bliss that awaits them.

Castle airs Monday nights at 10pm on ABC. 

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