'Castle' News Bits: Handcuffs, Weddings and Daddy Issues
'Castle' News Bits: Handcuffs, Weddings and Daddy Issues
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Now that we're well into Castle season 4, it's time for some news about what is to come throughout the future episodes. Keep reading for news items and spoiler teases regarding just about every aspect of Castle.

Who's His Daddy?
Thus far on Castle, the identity of Rick Castle's father has remained a mystery -- even to Castle himself. In season 4, there's a chance that this could change. Rumors of Castle's paternity have swirled since Comic-Con, but Andrew W. Marlowe (the creator and executive producer of Castle) has given a little more direction to the tease. According to an interview reported by TVLine, the story of Castle's father should return sometime around midseason.

Basically, the idea was to move further with the story of Beckett's family before delving into the mysteries of Castle's. Who will the father turn out to be? Will we actually meet the man? We'll have to wait to find out.

Wedding Bells!
The episode in which Detective Ryan will marry his true love Jenny is fast approaching. OK, maybe it's not approaching all that fast. When interviewed by EW.com, Castle co-star Tamala Jones spilled that the big wedding episode will air sometime in January.

It should be a lot of fun too. Jones is quoted as saying, "Castle episodes are all good, but this one, the wedding episode, I think it's going to be phenomenal."

What will make the episode phenomenal? In addition to a wedding (always fun on TV), there will be side relationship drama occurring between Castle and Beckett and between Lanie and Esposito. We can also look for a guest star -- Jamie Ray Newman (Drop Dead Diva) will play a suspect who incites jealousy in Lanie.

Think of All the Uses for Handcuffs...
Castle and Beckett are not making all that much forward progress in their relationship in season 4. After all, several episodes in to the season, Beckett has said nothing about Castle's desperate confession of love. And Castle hasn't exactly pushed things.

Is there a chance of fate intervening? According to a brief report published on TVLine, outside forces will soon force Beckett and Castle to spend quality time together. It seems that the pair will find themselves handcuffed. To each other. For most of an episode.

Will this force a personal conversation? Possibly not. But the chance is tantalizing.

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