'Castle' Interview: Penny Johnson Jerald on 'Roller Coaster of Emotion' for Captain Gates
'Castle' Interview: Penny Johnson Jerald on 'Roller Coaster of Emotion' for Captain Gates
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In the March 24 episode of Castle, called "The Greater Good," Captain Gates is going to get a visit from her estranged sister, which is sure to surprise the entire team. In an exclusive interview, BuddyTV spoke with Penny Johnson Jerald about what a visit from Gates' sister will mean for the team's captain. 

"You will not be disappointed."

If you're excited for tonight's episode, Jerald promises you won't be disappointed. She also has some advice on what you should have with you when you sit down to watch it. 

"You should be very excited about this episode and you will not be disappointed," Jerald said. "And when you sit down wherever you are, with your glass of wine or your Haagen Dazs, we will deliver Monday night. You will see another side of Gates that I think adds to who she truly is and hopefully of what she will become in seasons to come."

What flavor ice cream should fans eat for this sure-to-be emotional episode? "Triple chocolate," advised Jerald. 

"Salli is the best choice to be my sister."

Playing Gates' sister is Salli Richardson-Whitfield, a choice that made Jerald extremely happy. "No other person could possibly play my sister other than Salli," Jerald said. "[Not] even my real-life sister - who happens to make a cameo appearance in this episode as well. Salli is the best choice to be my sister and we were very excited to work together."

Just hearing the word "estranged" attached to Gates' sister, you know that things are bound to be complicated between the two women. It will also make things complicated for the team as well. 

"The mere fact that you have two alpha-type personalities working out of two different offices working on the same case, heads may butt. One is 'Iron Gates' and one is not far behind that," Jerald said.

"It's confusing who you take direction from, and I'm speaking in terms of Castle and Beckett and Espo and Ryan. But we do get the job done and I love the way the writing and the direction come together at the end of this particular episode."

"I think she's become so, so human."

Dealing with her sister sends Gates on a "roller coaster of emotion," one that Jerald says will leave fans with a new idea of just who Gates is as a person. 

"I think she's become so, so human and very real and honest. I've always believed her to be honest - it just comes out a little differently than most people. A real sense of honesty that is, I think, moving."

"There is still more to come."

Fans will be happy to hear that there is even more Gates goodness to come. 

"There is still more to come," Jerald said. "I don't think we are complete with who she is and I can answer that honestly because I've actually shot the episode after where I get to a little more think about who I am and what I like and oh my God, I would hang out with her." Jerald even thinks she and her alter-ego would get along in real life. "I think Gates is really cool. She might be one of my buddies. Penny likes to have fun and I think that might be who Gates is, too."

Are you excited to learn more about Captain Gates and her estranged sister in the next episode of Castle?

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