'Castle' Interview: Jack Coleman Discusses the Senator's Return
'Castle' Interview: Jack Coleman Discusses the Senator's Return
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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On Castle, Senator William H. Bracken is a man that Kate Beckett probably hoped that she'd never have to see again. Since he is the person behind her mother's murder, Kate is sure to have mixed feelings when their current murder case turns out to be connected to the Senator. 

BuddyTV spoke with the man behind the Senator, actor Jack Coleman, about the February 4 episode (called "Recoil") where the two enemies will face off again. 

Why is the Senator back?

Jack Coleman: The Senator is back because there is a horrible, lurid, murder which leads Beckett right to him. And while the circumstances of that crime are horrible, I think she feels like 'Okay, this is it. This is my chance, I can take him down.' It turns out to be much more complicated than it seems at first and all the complications of this uncertain moral ground she finds herself on, then she has to wrestle with how she wants to go about this and what she's willing to do take this guy down. 

It's complicated and it's fun. There's this ever-shifting ground under your feet, both as characters and as an audience. The power is always shifting back and forth between them. 

Where does the power end up? With Beckett or with the Senator?

Jack Coleman: Well I can't really say where it ends up, because I don't want to spoil it. I can say it ends up in a surprising place and it really was fun throughout the episode to see 'okay, she's in control of the situation and then whoa, whoa, wait, maybe she's not, maybe he's in control of the situation.' It shifts back and forth and ends up in an unexpected place that I think really forces her to examine things. Our last scene together is one of my favorites and I think it's probably a bit confusing for her; where it ends up. 

What has the Senator been up to since the last time we saw him?

Jack Coleman: I think this guy is extremely ambitious. He's very concerned with having his ducks in a row and not being vulnerable to someone just dropping a dime on him at any moment. I think what he's really be up to is getting things aligned for his ambitions. 

Will we learn anything new about the Senator in this episode?

Jack Coleman: Yes, you definitely will learn things about him. You'll see where he lives and you'll see his family. There's a lot along the way that starts to fill in the picture of who he is. But the overriding story here is just very much about Bracken and Beckett and the affect that this guy has on her. I describe it as: Castle is light and love, and Bracken is dark and death, and they both have a strong pull on her. I think that it takes a bit of a toll on her to figure out. She wants to live happily with Castle but she's got this thing that is gnawing away at her, that she's wanted to deal with and she's wanted to exact her vengeance on this guy for so long. So she really has to wrestle with what lengths is she prepared to go. 

Are the issues between Beckett and the Senator resolved at the end of the episode?

Jack Coleman: Kind of, yes. There is a resolution within this episode, but not necessarily forever and that's what I like about our last scene together. It kind of piques your interest of 'ooh.what would happen, should that comes to pass?' So there is a bit of a possible continuation of poor Beckett as Captain Ahab and that white whale that is still out there. 

Beckett obviously has hatred for the Senator, but are his feelings different for her?

Jack Coleman: I think [they are]. I think he thinks that there is maybe a trump card there; in that he is not blinded by hated for her. He doesn't have any hatred toward her; he doesn't have any hatred toward her mother. He was removing the obstacles and doing what had to be done, and that's how he sees himself; that's how he sees his actions, that's how justifies himself. Now having said that, he was humiliated by her; both by being pistol-whipped and also that she's got the drop on him. She had that information on him that keeps him from going after her or anyone she knows, because all of his secrets could be spilled. So he's got a very healthy fear and respect for her, but he doesn't have any hatred for her, other than not being a fan of being pistol-whipped. But I do think in general that it's not the same kind of primal feeling. 

How was it going back to the Castle set?

Jack Coleman: I was thrilled when they called again and said 'you're really gonna like this script.' And they were right I really did. They really gave this guy some depth and some teeth and they put some bite in him so that he's nobody push over. I think this episode created [him into a] really kind of formidable opponent and I just loved the way the scenes work between Stana and me; they're just so loaded - everything is just so psychologically loaded - every look, every word, because we both know. Now Castle knows this stuff, too. Bracken's not entirely sure what Castle knows and what he doesn't, but Bracken assumes that Castle knows everything. So there are all these things going on between them that other people are not necessarily aware of and they both have something on each other, so ever scene is just fraught with psychological peril. That's good stuff to play. 

What do you think now that you've heard from the man behind the Senator? Are you looking forward to seeing Beckett go up against her mortal enemy again in this episode of Castle?

Castle airs on Monday nights at 10pm on ABC. 

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