SyFy Prez: 'Caprica' is 'Accessible' and 'Relatable'
SyFy Prez: 'Caprica' is 'Accessible' and 'Relatable'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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The Caprica-is-more-mainstream-than-Battlestar-Galactica comment from SyFy president David Howe didn't sink well with some people, such as BuddyTV readers. Opening the gates of SyFy to a more general audience, of course, is part of the network's re-branding scheme, and Caprica, easily one of SyFy's most heavily anticipated shows in January, follows this "brand evolution launch" the network had six months ago.

"You're going to see shows that people don't expect from us," says Howe, "shows that yes tackle speculative subject matter but tackle it in a way that is very accessible and relatable... and to some extent actually I think Caprica epitomizes that."

Howe mentioned that they plan to sort of escape the purely sci-fi branding via Caprica, something that wasn't set in space, to attract more "mainstream" viewers.

"[Caprica has] characters that you recognize, that you can relate to, you know, shows that have a sense of humor that, you know, have a warmth and an optimism as well as thought-provoking kind of veneer to them as well.

The Battlestar Galactica prequel has gathered a lot of buzz lately, thanks to the pilot being released via DVD in April. It had also been made available on the SyFy website. According to the SyFy head, they're going to make Caprica available to stream anywhere "that people are prepared to carry the link to it."

This, of course, includes the slightly modified two-hour pilot. Slightly modified because it has been "family friendly-ized."

Caprica is set 58 years before Battlestar Galactica, the story of how Colonial humanity first created the robotic Cylons, who would later plot to destroy human civilization to avenge their enslavement.

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