'Burn Notice' Recap: Can Fi Save Michael's Soul?
'Burn Notice' Recap: Can Fi Save Michael's Soul?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In the last episode, Michael turned his back on the CIA -- and chose to protect James -- after learning some ugly truths about the agency he devoted his life to. But when James zeroed in on Sonya as the one who betrayed him, Michael had to break his cover in order to save her life. In tonight's episode, "Sea Change", Michael returns to the CIA under false pretenses and Fi makes one last play to save Michael from James. Read on to find out what the Burn Notice writers have in store for us this week.

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Michael Prepares to Betray the CIA

Once Michael explains his actions, James is satisfied that Michael is still on his side. James tells Michael that they can maintain their partnership and comes up with a way to protect his organization, as well as Michael and his friends. James asks Michael to lie to the CIA and convince them that his cover is still in-tact. Michael does just that, telling Strong that the operation is still a go, while intending to leave the agency for James' organization.

The CIA director wants to pull the plug on Strong's operation but Michael is able to buy them another 48 hours to supposedly take James down. James tells Michael and Sonya that the only way to save their organization -- and Michael's friends -- is for Michael to give the CIA what they want. James will let Michael hand him over to the CIA while Sonya and Michael take over the organization. Everyone agrees to the plan and Michael tells the CIA that he is close to bringing James down.

Michael and His Friends Plan for Different Futures

Now that Michael has seemingly switched sides, he no longer wants his friends involved and tells Strong to take them off the operation. When Strong tells Fi about Michael's request, Fi knows Michael is hiding something, so she puts a tracker in his gun. Fi and the boys follow Michael and realize that he is lying to them about his connection to James. They know the only way to save Michael is to get him away from James as quickly as possible. This also means they must leave everything behind and go on the run.

While Sam and Jesse prepare for their escape, Fi tells Maddy about their decision to leave. Maddy does not want to go on the run with Charlie, but Fi convinces her that it is the only way to help Michael. With Maddy's consent, Fi burns down Madeline's home in order to distract the guards James put on her. With the guards out of play, Fi gets Maddy and Charlie away safely.

The scene of Fi burning Maddy's home is not only reminiscent of the time Fi and Michael burned down the loft, but it also signifies a new chapter in the characters' lives. With only one episode remaining, we say the first of our goodbyes to the series as the Westen home goes up in flames.

Everything Comes to a Head

Sonya is concerned when she gets word that Fi ditched the guards and left with Michael's family. Michael tells Sonya he will handle Fi, but quickly realizes that his friends are setting him up. After getting into a brutal fight with Sam, Michael says he has made his choice and tells his friends to back off. Michael returns to Sonya, ready to continue with James' plan.

Sam is heartbroken by Michael's actions, but Maddy convinces everyone not to give up on Michael after everything they have been through. Michael's friends follow him while Michael calls the CIA and tells them that James is en route. As James and the CIA are closing in, Fi arrives to talk to Michael. Michael begs Fi to leave, but she refuses. Fi pushes Michael into choosing between her and James' organization.

When Sonya spots Fi, she is furious and tells Michael that Fi must be dealt with before she ruins everything. Michael goes into a state of shock as he is forced to choose between the life he thinks he wants and the woman he loves. As the episode ends, Sonya pulls a gun on Fi, intending to take care of the problem on her own. Will Michael get Sonya to back off or will he be forced to kill her in order to save Fi?

What did you think of tonight's episode? Were you sad to see Maddy's home burn to the ground? Should Michael's friends have realized that Michael would figure out what they were up to? Was the 'twist' of Sonya trying to take out Fi a little too predictable? And just how will Michael and his friends deal with James and the CIA in next week's series finale? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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