'Burn Notice' Recap: Michael Makes a Friend, Fiona Makes a Deal
'Burn Notice' Recap: Michael Makes a Friend, Fiona Makes a Deal
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In the last episode, Burke made the ultimate sacrifice so Michael could get a woman named Sonya to safety. In tonight's episode, "Exit Plan", Michael, Jesse and Sam have to work with Sonya in order to get out of Cuba alive. Can they trust her? Read on to find out what the Burn Notice writers have in store for us this week.

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A New Alliance

Michael tracks Sonya down and tries to convince her that she can trust him. He tells her about Burke's death and claims that he and his friends are there to rescue her because they believed in Burke and the path he was leading them on. Sonya seems to trust Michael -- at least for the moment -- but they run into a problem when the Cuban police block their exit out of the country.

Sonya has a contact who can smuggle them out of the country but Russian GRU agents find Michael and Sonya before Sonya's friend can help them. Sam and Jesse go to the GRU leader, Oksana, claiming they can help her find Michael and Sonya. Sam and Jesse's ruse gives Michael and Sonya enough time to get to the airport and patch together a plane but the cops arrive before they can escape.

In order to get Oksana's men away from the airport, Sam and Jesse stage a fake attack on the police station where Oksana has set up shop. Oksana falls for their trick and Sam and Jesse make it out of Cuba with Michael and Sonya.

Once back in Miami, Sonya gets a call from a contact and learns who betrayed her and got her captured in Cuba. Now Sonya wants Michael's help in getting back at the people who turned her over to the Russians.

Lingering Questions

In tonight's episode, Sonya proved to be a good match for Michael in the field, but her intelligence could lead her to discover that Michael is still working with the CIA. Even if Michael manages to keep his cover in-tact, is Sonya as important to Burke's organization as he led Michael to believe? Or did Burke save Sonya for personal reasons? Sonya is the only connection Michael has to Burke's organization, but who is she and what does she really want?

Another interesting development in tonight's episode was Sonya's understanding of Oksana's behavior. Sonya says they once worked together but is there another connection between these women? Is Oksana after Sonya because it is her job or is there more to it? And given that Oksana survived her confrontation with Michael's team, will we see her again in future episodes?

Fi and Strong Strike a Deal

Fi and Carlos are about to leave town for a work-related getaway when Strong approaches Fiona and says she cannot leave Miami. The people Michael's trying to bring down think Fi is one of Michael's top assets and Strong needs to use that. Fi has no interest in helping the CIA and she refuses to cooperate so Strong has her arrested on trespassing charges.

Strong figures out that Fi does not know the whole truth about Michael's deal with the CIA so he tells her that Michael is doing this to keep them all out of jail. If Michael cannot complete this mission and take down Burke's organization, they will all suffer for his failure. Fiona agrees to help with the mission but wants out as soon as it is complete.

Now that Fi knows the real reason Michael returned to the CIA, will she be more likely to forgive him? And does Strong have the authority to make this deal with Fiona or is he lying to gain her cooperation?

Is Fi Finished with Michael?

Strong gets the police to drop the charges against Fi and she returns home to find Carlos waiting for her. Instead of going on their romantic working vacation, Fi tells Carlos about her agreement with Strong and says she has to deal with her past before she can move forward with him. Carlos is not impressed and does not understand Fi's connection to Michael but he agrees to back her up.

Was Carlos telling the truth about the job in New Orleans or is he up to something? Could Carlos be working with Burke's people and getting close to Fi as a way to get to Michael?

Fi has spent most of the season telling anyone who will listen that she is done with Michael and wants nothing to do with his mission but she keeps getting pulled back into his life. The mission will force Michael and Fi to work together again but will it also re-ignite their romance? And is Fi sincere about wanting to move on with Carlos or is she lying to both Carlos and herself about her feelings for Michael?
What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you think Sonya and Michael make a good team? What was Burke's connection to Sonya and can she really lead Michael to the people in charge of the terrorist network? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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