'Burn Notice' News: Jeffrey Donovan's Engaged and Someone's Going to Die
'Burn Notice' News: Jeffrey Donovan's Engaged and Someone's Going to Die
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Please note, the headline does not indicate a cause-and-effect situation. Although that would be interesting... Instead, we have two events -- the Burn Notice star is engaged, and one familiar Burn Notice character will soon die. Keep reading for more details.

Wedding Bells Will Ring for Jeffrey Donovan

Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan may play a perennially single tough guy on TV, but it looks like real life is a little different. According to a report from E!Online, Donovan has just proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Michelle Woods.

Donovan and Woods (who is a model) are apparently planning a summer wedding. Will it be this summer or next summer?

Death Comes to Burn Notice

The rest of the news in this article isn't so happy. It also may constitute a Burn Notice spoiler, so watch out if such things scare you.

No one is safe this the current, dark season of Burn Notice. And at least one familiar character won't live to see the end of the summer season. TVGuide.com reports that a character will be killed on the July 26 episode of Burn Notice.

Who will it be? It's hard to say. The only strong indicators are about who it will not be.

Obviously, Michael Westen is safe. Kind of hard to have Burn Notice without him... For the sake of sanity, let's just assume that Sam and Fiona are OK too.

The other two main characters, Madeline and Jesse, are also likely to pull through, although it wouldn't be too hard to write either character out of the series. Tough on the characters, maybe, but not on the scripts.

Recurring characters are much easier to kill. Sharon Gless (Madeline) told TVGuide.com that the death "affects my character tremendously." This would most easily indicate the younger Westen son, Nate (Seth Peterson). Considering how often Nate is in life-threatening peril, death is always a possibility.

Other characters up for murderous elimination? Lauren Stamile's Agent Pearce could always meet a tragic end (like so many others who have teamed up with Michael). It's probably too much to hope for that the evil Anson Fullerton (Jere Burns) gets what he deserves.

They wouldn't kill off Barry the Forger (Paul Tei) would they? That would be very sad.

Whoever it is, we'll find out on the Burn Notice episode airing on Thursday, July 26 at 9pm on USA.

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