'Bull' Recap: Can Cable Uncover the Truth Behind a Gag Order?
'Bull' Recap: Can Cable Uncover the Truth Behind a Gag Order?
Sarah Luoma
Sarah Luoma
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After being radio silent for some time, Chunk's daughter, Anna, is back in his daily life on Bull, and this time she needs help with a case involving her journalism professor. Also in this episode, titled "Gag Order," Chloe finds herself in a legal situation with the owner of a dating app, and the team agrees to take on the case.

The Details

Chloe's writing an expose piece on a dating app called Spark4U when she is blamed by the app's developer for stealing. At first glance, it is hard to gauge whether or not Chloe is innocent or guilty since she is caught red-handed in the middle of the night breaching the app's headquarters. She tells Bull and the team that she was given a key card by an employee there. Bull calls her breach a small legal snafu and decides to take the case. Chloe is thrilled.

In Court

Bull and the team are thrown a fast ball they didn't see coming when Chloe is charged with stealing stolen proprietary information with the purpose of selling it to a competitor. Chloe tells Bull that she isn't even sure what that all means. She was just trying to expose an app that had several woman put in scary situations because they do not vet their users, not steal trade secrets. Bull tells her that unless they win, she cannot expose the app for their negligence because they have placed a gag order on her story.

Anna's Grudge

Even though Chunk is helping Anna's professor, that doesn't mean she is letting him off the hook for pretending to be her uncle all these years. Chunk tries to explain that he and her mother were once in love and he didn't know she existed until she was in the first grade, but Anna doesn't care. She wanted him to come forward then. Chunk is lost for words when she walks out on him during dinner.

Jury Selection

Marissa and Bull deal with plenty of challenges when they meet a jury pool filled with people who have used dating apps, are into government conspiracy and more. For the most part, things go their way, but they still have their work cut out for them. 

Their witness list is also tough. The prosecution plans to bring in Chloe's ex-boyfriend, who works for a tech company. To make things swing in their favor, Bull needs Chloe's source. She won't give it up, though. She would rather receive prison time than divulge her source. Bull gets the new tech guy on the case. He wants him to find Chloe's anonymous chats with her source.

The Trial

If things couldn't get any worse, Chloe's editor takes the stand and lies, saying he never gave Chloe the okay to run with any such story. Bull is beside himself. He doesn't know what to do for Chloe. Marissa has an idea -- why don't they get the women Chloe was trying to help to come forward? Bull thinks this is a genius idea.

While all of this is going down, Isaiah needs help -- and who better than Cable? She walks him through how to get the chats Bull needs with the agreement that Bull doesn't know she was the one who did it. She wants Bull to use the evidence without bias. Bull and Marissa are stumped when Isaiah brings the chats to them. They didn't think he could do it. And judging by what Cable found, Chloe's source was actually from a security company hired by Spark4U to entrap Chloe. 

Not Guilty

With another one of Marissa's brilliant ideas, the team puts the developer of the app on the stand. Strangely, he lost his key card and then lost the temporary one. Bennie dances close to contempt but makes it clear that this was all done as a set-up to keep Chloe quiet. They win the case, thanks in part to Cable! Bull asks her to come back to work, and she accepts.

It has been a couple of Cable-free episodes since we have seen the tech genius following her big mistake.

Did you expect Bull to ask Cable to come back to the team? Did it take Isaiah to show them just how talented Cable really is? Will everyone be accepting of her return? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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