Women's Volleyball - A Lifelong Commitment
Sandy, a 33 year old homemaker with 3 kids, loves watching women's volleyball on TV. The excitement of the game allows her to briefly escape her reality as a mother and brings back great memories from her playing days back in college. With two young kids grabbing at her constantly and another with the flu, it sometimes feels like there is no order or calmness in her life. That's why Sandy wants to find a tool that ensures she's going to watch something that she's interested in.

photo (19).PNGWith hundreds of channels and kids running around all the time, finding a volleyball game on TV can be a daunting task. She already has tons of responsibility with the kids, so adding more to her plate is really undesirable. Currently, Sandy discovers volleyball programming primarily using her cable guide on her TV, which isn't very helpful. While she finds some games occasionally, she wishes that she could watch more. For a hard-working mother, she thought, "there must be a simpler way to discover volleyball and other sports on TV."

Sandy found out about the BuddyTV Guide App when she was visiting an old college buddy. They were talking about all the good times from their volleyball days and how watching volleyball brought back great memories of the locker room, connections with teammates, and their competitive spirit. Her friend explained how she uses the BuddyTV Guide app to keep up with all the different primetime shows she watches (Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, Glee). The app even helps her find what channels have children programs for her little ones. She also told Sandy that the app just added a new quicklist that showed all upcoming sports airings on TV and that she should give it a try.

All Sandy had to do was download the app and choose the "Live Sports" quicklist from the homescreen. She thought to herself, "this is too good to be true!" Sandy never knew something existed for free with game times, channel specifications, and alert capabilities. Now, once she finds the specific volleyball game she wants to watch, she can plan ahead and set an alert to remind herself when to tune in.

Since using the BuddyTV Guide app to fill the volleyball void in her life, Sandy now uses the app for all of the TV shows she follows. Usually you can find her at home with at least one kid in one arm and her iPhone in another. She never misses new episodes thanks to the alerts she set up in the app. She also set up her TV and programmed the app to work as a remote control. This feature proved to be quite handy, especially when the remote gets lost all the time with 3 kids running around. Whenever she clicks on a program on her mobile device, she now has the option to instantly change the channel. 

 The app has made her life easier by decreasing the amount of time she wastes searching through cluttered guides on TV or the ever expanding Internet. With the BuddyTV Guide app Sandy's life runs smoother, and she finds great comfort in that.

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Written by: 
Lindsay Hersh