'Breaking Pointe' Review: Who's Who in the CW's New Ballet Docu-Drama
'Breaking Pointe' Review: Who's Who in the CW's New Ballet Docu-Drama
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Ballet isn't for the weak. That's one of the many lessons Black Swan taught us, and now TV fans can see just how fiercely competitive the world of ballet is with the CW's newest reality series Breaking Pointe.

The show follows six weeks in the lives of seven ballet dancers working for Ballet West in Salt Lake City, all striving for a contract with the prestigious company. They must overcome friendships, romances and the incredibly talented competition in order to secure their spot with Ballet West for one of its 40 year-long contracts.

Breaking Pointe looks and feels a bit like The Hills, only where the pretty people talking have actual skills and talents. Yet as hard as these dancers train, they also encounter issues and problems everyone faces. What happens when you're far more invested in your relationship than your partner is? How do you keep your edge when you're surrounded by young, talented people eager to take your job? What do you do when your dreams fall apart right in front of you?

To get you caught up on what you need to know about Breaking Pointe's seven stars, here's a primer on who's who.

Christiana Bennett: The reigning queen of Ballet West, she is 32 and has worked her way to the top of the field. She's certainly the Queen Bee of the show, but also a woman who knows that there are a ton of young, hungry ballerinas who would do anything to fill her shoes.

Ronnie Underwood: The closest thing to a male equivalent Christiana has on the show, Ronnie is an accomplished star who has been working hard to earn a top spot within Ballet West. But before you put him into a stereotypical box of the dainty male ballet dancer, he describes himself as a total gearhead who loves riding and working on his motorcycle.

Allison DeBona: She's a 28-year-old dancer who is very devoted to her craft, and less-so to her sort-of boyfriend, Rex. While the two are a couple, she has no problem admitting that ballet comes before him.

Rex Tilton: Coming from a big ballet family (his brother Ronald is also competing at Ballet West), Rex works hard to shine. However, he's also in a relationship with Allison and he appears to be very in love with her, which would be great, except he's clearly a lot more into the relationship than she is.

Ronald Tilton: Rex's younger brother, Ronald is an optimistic, upbeat guy who's dating another young ballet dancer, Katie. He seems perfectly nice and cheerful, hoping to get his first big break and work with his brother, who he lives with.

Katie Martin: Ronald's girlfriend, she works very hard, but sometimes gets too into her own head, which can cause her some problems. She really likes Ronald and wants it to work, even though the volatile world of ballet means they could be torn apart at any time. She's very loyal and trusting and she admires her talented best friend Beckanne in sort of the same way Erin admires Kelly on The Office.

Beckanne Sisk: Katie's best friend, Beckanne is a young phenom. She's only 19, but she is incredibly talented and everyone knows it, getting the kinds of roles girls 5-10 years older than her would kill for. In a world where the biggest threat is someone younger and more talented, Beckanne certainly makes the other girls feel insecure, but she's not ruthless about.

Watch the brutal competition, romantic entanglements and blossoming frenemy-ships as Breaking Pointe airs Thursdays at 8pm on the CW.

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