'Breaking In' Review: Fun with Nerds and Crime
'Breaking In' Review: Fun with Nerds and Crime
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Do you like The Office but wish there was more crime? Is Leverage too serious for you? Did you ever just want to translate a perfect slacker lifestyle into a full-time career? These are the questions that Breaking In wants you to answer in the affirmative.

The new comedy, which premieres on Wednesday, April 6 (9:30 PM ET/PT) follows a ragtag bunch of borderline criminals working for Contra Security. They're hired by a variety of companies to expose security weaknesses, generally by committing felonies.

The new guy on the team is Cameron (Bret Harrison, formerly of Reaper and The Loop). Before being forcibly recruited by Contra Security, Cameron was a perpetual college student, hacking his way into 12 majors, a full scholarship and two dorm rooms. Oz (Christian Slater), the head of Contra, tracks down Cameron and blackmails the slacker into taking a job.

Of course, Contra Security is exactly where the once-aimless Cameron belongs. The "office" (it looks more like a warehouse) is filled to the brim with bizarre characters. Safe-cracker Melanie is the tough girl that Cameron immediately loves. Josh, the "intel man," is a classic con artist who is way more engaging in his various roles than in his real personality (which is pretty annoying). And Cash is the over-the-top tech guy (but mostly he just pranks Cameron).

This merry band of misfits finds their leader in the enigmatic Oz. Unfortunately for Breaking In, Oz might be the weak link in the criminal chain. Whereas the other characters are given immediate motivations and purposes, Christian Slater creates Oz out of a series of quips and smirks. We get no glimpse of the man behind the smart-aleck. All we know for sure is that he likes Sky Mall.

But you can ignore Oz for the most part. Cameron is the obvious center of Breaking In, and he's everything you could want in a charming, everyman slacker. Put in charge of his first job, Cameron quickly rises to the masterminding of not one, but two robberies. The crime plot is quick and snappy, mixing the heist magic of Ocean's 11 with Revenge of the Nerds-style college pranks.

Breaking In isn't perfect. But, if the show can build its characters as quickly as it built a clever heist in the pilot, it could rise to almost criminal fun.

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