'Revenge' Spoilers: Love, Death and Future Seasons
'Revenge' Spoilers: Love, Death and Future Seasons
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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We won't get any new Revenge episodes until sometime in April. That's too bad. But if you're eager to know more about the show, you don't have to wait that long. We have a whole collection of Revenge spoilers just waiting to tantalize you in this article. Who finds love? Who finds death? Keep reading to find out!

Things to Come
Fortunately for those who love Revenge spoilers, the show's executive producer, Mike Kelley, isn't afraid to dole them out. In an interview with E!Online, Kelley revealed a whole bunch of cryptic clues about what we can expect in the future -- even going into the third season of the show.

  • Revenge episode 20 will take place in 2003, at Lydia's party (the one we saw earlier this season in a photo).
  • Revenge season 2 will open with Emily's wedding. Who will she marry and how did she get there? We won't find out until the middle of the season.
  • Similarly, Revenge season 3 (assuming of course, the show gets that far) will open with a funeral. Whose funeral will be revealed midway through that season.

Mystery Lovers
We may not know exactly what is lurking in Victoria Grayson's dark past, but we are about to find out. According to another interview with Mike Kelley (published on TVGuide.com), a possible love interest from Victoria's past is about to pop up again in the Hamptons.

The man will first appear in episode 17 (the first episode scheduled to air when Revenge returns in April) to begin his affair with Victoria. How long an affair are we talking about? It's hard to say, but Kelley confirmed that the same fellow will be around for episode 18 -- set several months later, in the following winter.

Romance will be in the rarified Hamptons air for two other characters as well. Conrad is getting back into having a love life in upcoming episodes. With whom? It's uncertain, but Kelley described the love interest as "not necessarily someone new."

Emily, meanwhile, will come across an additional complication to her Jack-Daniel love triangle. At some point in the not-too-distant Revenge future, E!Online reports that Emily will attract the attentions of yet another boy. We haven't met this fellow yet, but it should be fun when we do -- the guy is supposed to be quite nice-looking.

A New Ally?
Allies are hard to come by when life consists of an endless quest for vengeance. But Emily may be getting a sympathetic supporter in a Revenge episode coming soon. TVGuide.com reports that Tess Harper (Breaking Bad) has been cast in the role of Carol Miller. Carol is a former corporate secretary (for Grayson Industries?) who has kept silent for the past 15 years. When she pops in to the Hamptons from Wisconsin in episode 19, her complicated past will enter into the story.

Will she help or hinder Emily?

Death Is Never Far
Is it vengeance or just the Hamptons that keeps death ever-present on Revenge? Having just gotten past Tyler's death on the beach, you would think we'd be done by now?


Someone is going to die before the end of Revenge season 1. We don't know who it will be -- or why this character is marked for death -- but it looks to be big. As Mike Kelley told TVGuide.com, "It's not an extra that's getting killed. [The person] is part of our cast so it will have a big impact."

Who will die? Share your guesses in the comments section below!

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