'Breaking Bad': How to Prepare for the Season 5 Premiere
'Breaking Bad': How to Prepare for the Season 5 Premiere
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
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It's finally here--Breaking Bad season 5. Since the unforgettable finale last October, we've waited and waited, anticipation abated by enticing but minimal teasers and trailers, and now the AMC drama's final season is nearly upon us (the official premiere is on Sunday at 10pm; but lucky Comic-Con goers will get an early screening tomorrow, a day early). Here are a few ways to get revved up for the one of the most anticipated summer premieres.

Get Ready for the Full-On Heisenberg
We're used to seeing Walter White (Bryan Cranston) constantly at death's door, pulling himself out of seemingly impossible situations while facing indomitable enemies. But this season, the mood is entirely different. As we've seen from the season 5 poster, Walt is the new king in town, filling in the void after Gus Fring's gruesome death. The crystal meth market is wide open, and Walt, along with his volatile partner Jesse (Aaron Paul), has plans to take reign.

"The question of season 5 is what does it take to stay at the top?" says series creator Vince Gilligan (according to The Hollywood Reporter). "Now that Walt is the king, what will he do with that power and will it be as easy to maintain that control as it was to wrestle it out of Gus Fring's hands in the first place?" (Our guess: No.)

Relive Walt's Breaking Bad Descent
Now that we know Walt will be completing his transformation into the deadly, heinous drug kingpin in the final season, look back on his subtle yet crazy journey from his beginning days as Mr. White, the tepid chemistry teacher. Cranston sat down with The Daily Beast to share his 13 favorite Walt moments; watch the scenes in chronological order to review the antihero's unbelievable descent into badass criminal mastermind.

Prepare for New Faces and New Partnerships
With Walt looking to start up the meth-making business from the ground up, he's going to need help. Cranston told MTV News "we do it like a poor man's super lab... and in doing so, we need to expand our partnership." This expansion includes new cast member Jesse Plemons (of Friday Night Lights), who joins Walt and Jesse as Todd, whom Cranston describes as "a wild card." Though he appears reliable at first, Todd soon causes "some friction" within the group with his unexpected behavior, which keeps Walt and Jesse guessing. We also know Laura Fraser is joining the cast as "a former associate" of Gus's.

With his boss out of the picture, Mike (Jonathan Banks) seems to form a surprising allegiance with Walt and Jesse, adding some needed manpower to their team. Paul told TIME that his character's relationship with Mike continues to grow in the upcoming season. However, this forces Mike and Walt together, who "don't necessarily see eye to eye on everything," says Paul. This clearly presents "an interesting kind of twist" in the group dynamic.

Know that Hank is Coming for Heisenberg
Walt's DEA agent brother-in-law Hank (Dean Morris) ended last season as somewhat of a hero (as we saw in the first season 5 premiere clip) for allegedly being proven right about his investigation of Gus Fring as a meth distributor. But his investigation is far from being over and as Morris puts it, he's "not going to give up until he catches Heisenberg." Watch the full season 5 preview below.

Get Ready for the Darkest Season Yet
As Paul tells it, this season is "eerie" and "hands down" the darkest one of the series. We know this darkness stems from Walt, whom (we think) poisoned a young child in the name of getting his way. But according to Paul, Walt "does much more in this season," which is a chilling thought. For Jesse's part, he begins to see "something brewing inside of Walt... something else growing." Even so, Walt continues to use his manipulation of Jesse, who is "in the palm of his hand" to control him "in such a creepy way." To remind yourself of the blood that has been shed by Breaking Bad's protogonist, watch the The Huffington Post's supercut of Walt's badass moments of the past four seasons.

With that reminder fresh in our minds, it's not hard to believe Paul's warning for season 5: "It's not going to end pretty. It's a bloodbath now, I'll tell you that."

Not Going to Comic-Con? DISH Subscriber? Don't Despair!
Lastly, if you're not attending Comic-Con, you can follow AMC's Breaking Bad Twitter account tonight to catch their live tweets of the show's Comic-Con panel (6:45pm PT) and check back here for more updates from the conference.

For DISH customers, AMC has announced it will be providing a special live stream of the Season 5 premiere to DISH subscribers (the provider has recently dropped the network); you can register for access to the live stream here. According to AMC, "we want to give DISH customers an extra week to switch providers so they can enjoy the rest of the season."

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