2013 Emmy Awards: The Best Moments
2013 Emmy Awards: The Best Moments
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Expected the unexpected. It's fitting that this phrase comes from a show on CBS (Big Brother) since the network aired the Emmy Awards, which had some serious head-scratching moments, especially when it came to unexpected winners.

Here are the moments that were all over social media and kept people talking:

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Merritt Wever Keeps It Short

With names like Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen and Jane Krakowski among the nominees for Supporting Actress in a Comedy, perhaps Merritt Wever truly didn't feel she'd win (people do say that, but you know it's bull) just like the rest of America. Before we could fully process the moment, she made the confusion worth it with her quick thanks.

Tony Hale, Purse Holder

When Julia Louis-Dreyfus won for Lead Actress in a Comedy, she called on co-star Tony Hale to come up with her. While it was an aww moment to go up together, it quickly turned funny when she handed him her purse. But he didn't just stand beside her during her acceptance speech. He fed her people to thank -- like family. And the kicker came when she started thanking her co-stars and named everyone except Hale. No one is disputing the queen of funny.

Excessive Hosting Disorder

Host Neil Patrick Harris turned to his How I Met Your Mother co-stars for a hilarious taped bit on Excessive Hosting Disorder, where all the actors played their HIMYM characters. There's an intervention and, in the end, there's a gem about getting help from the Ryan Seacrest Center.

The Big Dance Number

Most people expected Harris to open the show with a song and dance number, and when he didn't, it was about to go down as one of the worst hosting gigs because he didn't tap into his strength -- and what people wanted. But he had the last laugh because the song and dance came in the middle of the show, with a little help from Sarah Silverman and Nathan Fillion.

The Other Big Dance Number

Those nominated for Choreography showed off their talents by performing to routines set to different award-winning shows, like Breaking Bad, The Big Bang Theory, American Horror Story: Asylum, Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. Not only was the dance dazzling, but the music and the sets made it so fun to watch.

A Little Help from Oprah

It wasn't enough that Oprah announced the names of the writing team involved with Jimmy Kimmel Live in her "You get a car!" voice, but then the other nominees were represented by child beauty pageants (is it from Dance Moms?) and Honey Boo Boo herself. Finally, a replay of the Stefon wedding from Saturday Night Live will never get old.

Michael Douglas Thanks Matt Damon

While his win for Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie (for Behind the Candelabra) wasn't surprising, his dirty speech was! (It would've been understandable had it been co-star Matt Damon, but Douglas?) But with the character he played, he had to do it, like asking Damon whether he wanted the bottom or top half of the Emmy and also calling it a "two-hander" performance. 

Meet the Ferrell Family

What better way to close out an odd night by bringing in Will Ferrell and his three kids? (Probably not his kids.) He might have said that the Emmys called him 45 minutes ago, but we can't help but think Ferrell's that guy who no one invited to the party and somehow managed to weasel his way in. At least the audience laughed heartily.

Breaking Bad Gets Its Due

It's hard to believe that only Anna Gunn won for an acting category. Equally surprising is that Breaking Bad never won an Emmy for Drama Series. Well, no more. At least the show went off with the right show winning the final award of the night.

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