Freddie Prinze Jr. Cast in 'Bones' Season 9 Premiere
Freddie Prinze Jr. Cast in 'Bones' Season 9 Premiere
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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While it's not exactly a Buffy-Angel reunion that most fans would want, it might be as close as we're going to get on Bones. Freddie Prinze Jr. (who also happens to be the husband of former Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar) has been cast in the upcoming season of Bones

Who Will Freddie Prinze Jr. Play in Bones?

TV Line reports that Prinze will make his appearance in the Bones season 9 premiere on September 16. He will play a character named Danny, described as "a very covert CIA agent" who is an old associate of Booth's and will apparently have an interest in Booth and Brennan's current murder investigation when the series begins. 

As for whether Danny will help or possibly hinder Booth and Brennan on their investigation, time will tell. At Comic-Con, Boreanaz spoke to TV Line about the upcoming season, saying that someone from Booth's past would reappear and that that person would "somewhat help him, and may hurt him." Could he have been talking about Prinze's character Danny or somebody else?

Booth and Brennan Wedding Coming in Bones Season 9

Another huge revelation from Comic-Con was the fact that Booth and Brennan will definitely be getting married next season. TV Line reported from the panel where the show's creator Hart Hanson said, "We're not fooling you - they will get married this season."

Hanson also revealed that Booth will get help from an ex-priest "who has past with Booth." TV Line has just reported that the priest will be played by Mather Zickel. Why does Booth need help from a priest? "Everybody's mad at Booth for reneging on the engagement and he doesn't have anyone he can talk to. So he seeks out the man he used to talk to," Hanson revealed. 

Other Comic-Con tidbits from the panel include in hints about how Booth and Brennan will be in a different place when the show returns in the fall. "The relationship between Brennan and Booth will be slightly different," teased executive producer Ian Toynton during the panel. "The relationship has been pushed to a different level, a different place. They're in a serious place."

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