Fan Columnist: 'Bones' Recap - Murder, Mystery and a Mummy?
Fan Columnist: 'Bones' Recap - Murder, Mystery and a Mummy?

BuddyTV would like to introduce Nicole Bessette, our first Bones Fan Columnist. We look forward to her weekly show recaps and thoughts.

A 3,000 year old mummy, the return of Daisy, and a date between Bones and Booth's boss?  Yep, that's what you can expect from "A Night at the Bones Museum." 

In this episode, Booth and Bones and the rest of the Jeffersonian team find themselves face to face with an Egyptian mummy.  After finding the mummy hanging on an electric fence covered in fresh blood, the gang takes the mummy back to the Jeffersonian to investigate, aided by a familiar face, Sweets' unique girlfriend, Daisy.  Considering it a personal favor, Sweets gets Dr. Brennan to reluctantly agree to give Daisy a 24-hour probationary period as an intern, despite her "impulse control issues."

Back at the lab, Dr. Brennan discovers the mummy's chest cavity has been cut open, and Daisy is able to deduce that something was hidden inside, leading the team to believe that someone had killed to gain access to whatever was inside the mummy.  The best part of all of this?  A rare and rather strange overtly excited Dr. Brennan.  Come on guys, she loves ancient remains! 

Meanwhile, Booth calls up several museums to inquire about a missing mummy when his boss, Assistant Director Hacker, walks in and asks Booth if there is anything going on between him and Dr. Brennan.  To the dismay of all the Booth and Bones fans out there, Booth replies, "No, nothing whatsoever, sir. Strictly professional."  


Back on the mummy forefront, Bones and Daisy discover the mummy's true identity thanks to a specific congenital disorder.  Turns out, he's Anok, the "boy with the bleeding heart."  He was the second son of the pharaoh, and according to legend, his older brother Meti, fell off his horse, when Anok proceeded to trample him to death to ensure that he would ascend to the throne.  Although Anok assured his father that it was the fall that killed Meti, he went into a complete rage and cut off Anok's head.  Pretty gruesome, right? 

Apparently, Anok is on loan at the Jeffersonian from the Egyptian government. Their first step?  Talk to the curator.  One tiny problem, the doctor who was studying Anok, Dr. Kaswell, is dead.  On the plus side, her blood is a match for the blood that was on Anok.        

And now, a date between Bones and Booth's boss!  Assistant Director Hacker, or Andrew, is sitting across the table positively gawking at Bones while she speaks.  Can you tell I'm not a fan of his?  When talking about what to order for dinner, Brennan suddenly mentions that Booth asks for his meatloaf without the egg because his mother used to tell him it was a human eye.  Looks like someone talked about Booth.

Later Angela begs for details of Brennan's date.  Angela is shocked and asks if Booth was upset, informing her that he is upset because he wishes Brennan was going out with him.  Brennan wants to go out with Andrew because there's the potential for sex! 

But let's not forget about Sweets and Daisy!  Yes, with all of the drama surrounding the murder, it is hard to stay focused, but the relationship between the two is actually a big part of this episode.  Although Sweets tries to do the right thing by looking out for Daisy, he comes across as overprotective and untrusting, ultimately upsetting her.  Seeking the advice of Dr. Saroyan, Sweets is able to realize that instead of helping Daisy, he was actually insulting her by not trusting her enough. 

Also, things start to look better for the Jeffersonian team as they look at the CAT scans of Anok and realize that the object stored inside of him and then stolen was a very large ruby, his true "bleeding heart."  Only someone who saw the CAT scans of Anok would have known about the ruby, and this leads Booth and Bones on another trip to question the representative from the Egyptian government. 

How about more Booth and Bones drama? As Andrew tells Booth that next times he's at the Founding Fathers (the restaurant he and Bones went to on their date), he should try the meatloaf with the egg.  Immediately disappointed, Booth goes to talk to Bones.  He says he doesn't need her talking to his boss about him, and he tells her he's disappointed because what goes on between them is theirs.  So cute!  Unfortunately, their discussion is interrupted by Hodgins who tells them he found Dr. Wheaton's fingerprint on Anok's wraps.  Off they go!

When questioning Dr. Wheaton, Booth and Bones discover that he did not kill Dr. Kaswell.  He told them that he saw Dr. Kaswell's notes about the CAT scans before she submitted them, and this leads Booth and Bones to believe that Dr. Turnbull is the murderer because he said her notes were never submitted to him.  Thus, they bring Dr. Turnbull in for questioning, and he admits to killing Dr. Kaswell. 

On a happy note, Sweets and Daisy work everything out and even get down and dirty on some Ancient Egyptian artifacts!   

And now, my favorite part of the episode!  As a result of discovering the true cause of Meti's death, a disease called Osteogensis Imperfecta (a.k.a. Brittle Bone Disease), Dr. Brennan is having a party thrown in her honor.  She changed history and ultimately proved Anok's innocence.  Nervous about giving her speech, Booth steps in to comfort her.  Upon telling her she changed history, Bones sweetly responds that Booth changes history everyday with each case he solves and every arrest he makes.  While saying this, Booth and Bones are slowly moving closer and closer.  Squeal! 

 Booth then tells Bones he thought she was going to take Andrew to the party, but she says, "What goes on between us, that should just be ours." By this time, Booth and Bones are practically on top of each other and are about to kiss when Angela announces that the ambassador is about to speak.  Therefore, I have to say that I officially hate the ambassador of Egypt.

-Nicole Bessette, BuddyTV Fan Columnist

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