Buddy Battles: Why You Should Vote 'Bones' as the Best Scooby Gang
Buddy Battles: Why You Should Vote 'Bones' as the Best Scooby Gang
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The Bones team is one of the Scooby Gangs advancing in the Buddy Battles, and over the past nine seasons, these team members have proven that they can find any killers.

This team is that group of people who can kill you and get away with it because they know what they're doing. In fact, this season's "The Sense in the Sacrifice" showed just that as they prepared to bait Pelant. Would you really want to go up against or doubt a team that can do that?

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I say that this team can get away with murder because each member is the best in his or her field and essential to solving each murder. They find what others wouldn't. They catch things like microscopic nicks on bone, particles on clothes or substances inside bugs that all point to a cause of death. And they do so while dealing with crime scenes that just get more and more disgusting.

If you want the best to examine bones to figure out how someone died, no one will be more thorough than Brennan. She is not only a top forensic anthropologist; she has even proven herself out in the field with Booth.

If you want someone who can both take out the bad guy and get him or her to crack in an interrogation, look no further than Booth.

Angela and her Angelatron can do it all. If a program doesn't exist, she'll just create it to help solve the case.

Hodgins has proven himself time and time again to be King of the Lab, and he'll run some of the wackiest experiments that end up uncovering something they need.

Cam knows when to rein the others in, no one else could be in charge of this division and protect her people like she does.

Sweets may be young, something that has been commented on time and time again, but he has really come into his own and after taking time off, he's back better than ever.

The squinterns can never replace Zack, but they all step up and prove they belong in the lab.

Caroline may not be a regular member of the team, but when she shows up, you know she means business and she makes sure what needs to get done is done.

What it boils down to is this: Don't mess with this team. You can bury them alive, threaten their lives, try to ruin their relationships, but it won't make a difference because they'll still come out on top.

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