Buddy Battles Winner Decided: Your Favorite TV Duo Is...
Buddy Battles Winner Decided: Your Favorite TV Duo Is...
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It's the moment of truth. The moment we've been building to all month, as the Buddy Battles have weeded out our favorite pairs until just two are left standing. This is the final battle!

UPDATE: Dean and Castiel are declared the Buddy Battle winners!

Like they've been doing all of March, Supernatural's Dean and Castiel swept the competition to become BuddyTV's favorite dynamic duo! 

It's been a long road to get to this point, with many worthy competitors. But ultimately, no one could match the staying power of the Supernatural duo. They won every battle by huge margins to become the uncontested winners of our March Madness. 

Obviously, Supernatural fans are a powerful voting force. Said Twitter user @ENovak3 "Voting for Dean/Castiel b/c they do have a more profound bond!" 

Looks like tons of you agreed, as fans turned out to cast their votes for Dean and Castiel in full force!

Here's the final bracket:
To the victor go the spoils! Which, in this case, it only bragging rights and respect. But still, I think we had fun voting for our favorite pals all month. If our March Madness proved anything, it's that the TV landscape is truly full of great buds.

Thanks for voting, commenting, tweeting, and participating all month long as our favorites fought for the ultimate crown. 

As another set of best pals, the Golden Girls, once said: Thank you for being a friend! 

Are you happy about the winners? Bummed Brennan and Angela didn't take it? Share in the comments! 

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